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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Population problem | A battle for our lives | Smells like hypocrisy

April 29, 2021 at 3:04 a.m.

Population problem

World "experts" discuss climate change, world debt, covid-19, finite world resources like forests, arable land to feed the people, cleaning up the oceans, preserving the rain forests, etc., etc., etc., but it seems they never discuss what drives all the unpleasant things happening to the planet. That is: population growth.

When I was born in the early 1930s, the population of the world was about 2 billion. It's now almost 8 billion. It took all of history to get to 2 billion and in 80-odd years it's quadrupled to 8 billion. What's more, the world population is still growing by almost 200,000 every single day. Yet it's not mentioned!

No one talks about the real world problem. Until the population is reduced, you can forget all this talk, and expense, about the other issues. Population is the issue. As far as I can reason, until our world "leaders" do something about population growth, we will never get out of the mess we're in.



A battle for our lives

The Pentagon would need a special appropriation to pay for enough medals to recognize all the heroes in our current war. There would be purple hearts, medals of honor and silver stars galore for those who have done and are doing the equivalent of taking out an enemy machine-gun bunker.

As in all wars, most important are the soldiers who simply do their duty. In this war they are ordinary people who wear masks, social distance, get vaccinated and otherwise are diligent in combating covid-19.

By the same token, those who hinder the covid fight by their actions and words are aiding the enemy. As a sign of the times, some seem to regard themselves as patriots, or at worst conscientious objectors, defending their right to defy the war effort. Others are just ordinary shirkers.

Never mind that this enemy has killed and wounded more Americans than in any other war except the Civil one, in which both enemies were Americans. That irony also applies now and calls to mind the Pogo quote, "We have met the enemy and he is us." The covid death toll of Americans may well eclipse the estimated 620,000 Civil War deaths.

Other than a chip-on-the-shoulder, narcissistic version of patriotism or civil disobedience, excuses for shirking might include fear of needles; distrust of medical science; or distrust of Biden, Democrats, Dr. Fauci, etc. All irrational or worse.



Smells like hypocrisy

As our nation faces a pandemic that has killed more than a half-million people, and mass shootings are now averaging more than one per day, our MAGA-controlled state Legislature has responded swiftly. It has been passing bills restricting the rights of women, transgender youth, and minority voters.

These are the same folks who don't want government to tell them what to do with their bodies when it comes to getting a vaccination or wearing a mask. Can they smell the rancid scent of hypocrisy?



They haven't changed

As a '60s teenager, my proud Klan father told me the people not allowed in the KKK were, of course, Black folks, Jews, Catholics and Republicans. Democrats only ... period!

Columnist John Brummett and other liberals would have us believe that after a couple hundred years of having a grand ol' time slave-owning, civil-warring, Jim Crowing and lynching, that the Democrat Party somehow convinced Republicans to swap positions with them on race issues.

Really? If you believe that, I've got some sweet Arkansas beachfront property for you.

Well, my old man certainly never got that memo. He moved to Arkansas in the '70s and started hanging with the Clintons, roasting hogs for important Democrats and never changed his views on race, dying a few years ago a happy yellow dog Democrat with a bright yellow dog statue in his front yard.

For the plantation owners of the 1800s to control their Black slaves and produce their product, cotton, they kept them housed and fed and undereducated. For major city mayors, now in 2021, to control their Black citizens and produce their product, votes, they keep them housed and fed and undereducated.

I figure this urban control was what my father was referring to in the '60s when he said the KKK was changing its tactics since the FBI was infiltrating it and putting too many folks in prison.

President Biden, a major figure in the Democrat Party for half a century, proudly claimed that one of his mentors was former KKK member Sen. Robert Byrd.

Rest assured that neither my father nor Byrd nor Biden ever changed the way they felt about Black folks, and Biden will die a proud yellow dog Democrat one of these days, just like my father and Byrd did.


Horseshoe Bend

Disgraceful legislators

This year's Arkansas Legislature has been a disgrace to our state. Not only has it continued to pass laws that make no sense, the latest attempt to pass a measure that would make enforcing federal gun laws illegal shows that our legislators are more reckless than ever.

No doubt most of them are Trumpers who "think" as a Borg-like radicalized conservative collective rather than about what's right and best for Arkansans.

I just want them to know that there are people in this state, such as myself, who do not agree with their right-wing policies. Perhaps they need to fashion new tinfoil hats. Their current ones seem to be on too tightly.




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