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A hot week is over!

by Janet Carson August 2, 2021 at 6:38 a.m.

The weather this past week was miserable! The hottest and most humid we have had thus far this summer. Can we hope that this will be it for the rest of the year?! It was a good week for doing things indoors, instead of outside. The week did fly by. I celebrated my aunt's 95th birthday,

a friends 80th birthday,

went to lunch with a friend and then a funeral, and went to the Rep to see Marie and Rosetta.

It was a sparse crowd and almost fully masked, but a great show. With the current rise in Covid cases, I am back to wearing a mask full time in public! Just when you thought it was safe to get in the water. . . . Let's hope this trend reverses soon.

I am helping a cousin get ready for a move, still walking 3 miles three times a week, and I got back into getting the downstairs cleaned out and organized.

I am not done, but it is close.

And of course, I watered- daily. Yesterday I was lulled into a false sense of potential rain, and the low humidity felt wonderful. I watered all the pots on the deck, but did not run the front sprinklers. Wasn't it supposed to rain? It did not, so I did water late in the afternoon. In spite of the heat, and lack of rain, thanks to regular watering on my part, the garden is looking great.

The summer vegetables are playing out, except for peppers and eggplant, so I am gradually replacing them, and I did harvest my first figs this week.

My figs died back considerably this past winter, but figs set fruit on the new growth, so I have a decent crop coming on.

We have a chance of rain this morning and milder temperatures this week, but it looks like the end of the week is heating back up and no rain in site. I guess the hose will be attached to me soon. Happy Gardening!


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