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OPINION | GADGETS & GIZMOS: Thermapen One from ThermoWorks

by Kelly Brant | August 4, 2021 at 1:59 a.m.
Thermapen One from ThermoWorks (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Kelly Brant)

Thermapen One from ThermoWorks measures temperature in just one second. This is by far the fastest, most instant "instant read" thermometer we've ever used.

The probe folds out 360-degrees from the handle, turning the thermometer on and immediately displays the temperature, with a range of -58 degrees to 572 degrees. Fold the probe back into the handle to turn it off. The unit automatically falls asleep if left idle.

The thermometer is water-resistant but care should be taken to avoid getting moisture, flour or oil inside the unit. The unit runs on a AAA battery. The battery cover, accessible using a Phillips head screwdriver, also encloses the settings, so you can't accidentally switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Other settings include sleep mode (10 to 180 seconds), resolution and screen rotation. The display features an ambient light sensor and adjusts the brightness accordingly, making it easy to read the display in low light.

Hand wash. Includes a 5-year warranty. Made in the UK.

Available in red, blue, green, orange, black, white, pink, purple, yellow and gray.


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