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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Risks versus benefits | Lost nation's lullaby | Exercise her freedom

by Brenda Looper | August 17, 2021 at 2:00 a.m.

Risks versus benefits

The controversy over whether to vaccinate or not has been made such a hot political football that many people are confused, and it is no wonder with the information seeming to change daily.

After 50-plus years in the practice of pharmacy I have seen medications come on the market thought to be perfectly safe only to be pulled due to side effects not discovered until years after the medications' release. I'll admit that I was concerned about the covid vaccine and didn't get vaccinated until a few months after its release. With any medication, vaccine or otherwise, everyone should always consider the risk-versus-benefit profile, research the medication and discuss the pros and cons of the medication with your health-care provider if possible, which would include physicians and pharmacists.

It is obvious there will be times when medications must be given on an emergent basis to sustain life and there is no time to consider the aforementioned options. Also, when you consider risk versus benefit, remember that not everyone reacts the same to medications, so even with vaccines, different people will respond differently. Some will benefit more than others and, of course, there will be those that have adverse reactions. To date it appears that the vaccine is at least somewhat effective and people who have received it are less symptomatic in general if they do become covid-positive. This is nothing new. It all goes back to risk versus benefit.

Please look to reliable sources to obtain information. Remember, you wouldn't go to your doctor to obtain information on how to fix a leaky faucet or to Home Depot to obtain information on treating hypertension.


North Little Rock

Lost nation's lullaby

No more Afghanistan. Now the country should be called Talibanistan. Secretary Antony Blinken said on ABC's "This Week" that "This is manifestly not Saigon."

I know who Blynken is, and who Nod is, but I'm trying to figure out who Wynken is. Anyway, it appears all of them have nodded off to the lullaby.


Tumbling Shoals

Exercise her freedom

Leslie Rutledge values freedom. I suggest she exercise her love of freedom by not paying taxes or by driving without a license or by not buying car insurance. These actions might please her conservative constituents as much as trying to prevent schools from requiring face masks. If Leslie did these things, she might quench her thirst for freedom and only endanger her future, not the future of a child.


Little Rock

For sake of the family

In the next 12 months, thousands of people are going to experience debilitating side effects for life or die from covid.

Every one of those people infected will have been infected by somebody else. We now know it only takes one person to start a worldwide pandemic of 4 million dead and 200 million stricken.

In the months I was waiting to qualify for the vaccine I realized that many people would question the safety of something so new. It's untested, it's not reliable, etc. It turns out to be no more risk than other vaccines.

Since everyone that is infected is caused by someone else (a carrier), if I became a carrier, could I live with causing side effects or death of family members, friends, neighbors or all three? I decided I could not.

What about the people who can't live with knowing what they caused and the people that catch it from them and the people they give it to, etc.? It is up to each of us to protect our loved ones from us. Only we can do that.

When we look in the mirror every morning for the next 50 years can we not think about what lives we may have devastated? I know only a small number can say yes.

Some people say: "My family has never been vaccinated for anything." Well, we've never dealt with a virus like this one. Some of you reading this will lose this time. Thousands have already died or been debilitated that made that statement. The vaccinated people that love you were vaccinated for themselves and you.

Talk to your minister, doctor or any survivors for their opinion. Some of you who are reading this have to be one that dies in the next 12 months. It does not have to be. People who love you that are vaccinated have begged you to be vaccinated for the sake of the family. But your life is not their call. Your life is your call.



Methods won't work

Every day I read letters to the editor complaining about the individuals who haven't gotten a covid vaccination. While I understand the complaints, I think they are misguided.

No one has ever been bullied, insulted or vilified into changing their opinions. The only hope is if someone who previously thought like them but decided to get the shot will successfully convince them to get the shot. Please back off on the negative persuasion attempts.



Something positive

Can anyone name one positive thing, either internationally or domestic, the current administration has accomplished? Just one.


North Little Rock

Metastasized cancer

I believe Trump is a cancer on America which has metastasized and spread through most of the Republican Party. If it's not cured, it will kill America, period!


Hot Springs Village

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