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Fall, where art thou!

by Janet Carson | August 23, 2021 at 6:37 a.m.

I did finally get some rain this week, but watering seems to be a never ending chore in my yard. The pots on the deck can't take more than a day without water.

They are continuing to bloom, but I am weary of the heat and humidity. I did spend some time in the garden weeding. In spite of diligent weeding, every time I go out to the garden it seems I have a new crop of chambers bitters,

mulberry weed,

and more. Nothing seems to slow them down.

I have mentioned before my loathing for the red wasps

that are in abundance at my house, and this week I got another reason to hate them even more--I got stung. Earlier in the day I tangled with one while watering, and I won. I guess its mate came to get me later as it swooped in and stung me as I was walking in the door. I react in a bad way. Not life-threatening (at least yet), but my arm swelled up from my wrist to past my elbow.

By day two when the swelling was spreading, I luckily got into a wonderful doctor who gave me a steroid shot. That coupled with antihistamines and steroid cream finally did the trick, but I still have a little itchiness from time to time, and it has been almost a week!

On the bright side, we got to celebrate several things this week,

two birthdays,

time with friends for lunch a couple of days and the reinstitution of our supper club

after a year and a half without. It was great to spend time with good friends over a wonderful meal.


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