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Super Quiz: Americana

December 4, 2021 at 1:43 a.m.

1. The 1970s TV version of this character was played by beauty queen Lynda Carter.

2. What film won the first best-picture Oscar?

3. What breed of dog was Lassie in the "Lassie Come Home" novel?

4. What poem begins, "I think that I shall never see"?

5. This military bugle call signals "lights out."

6. What city has been nicknamed "Second City"?

7. Finish the George H.W. Bush quotation, "Read my lips, ----------."

8. This fun-loving cartoon bird was created by Walter Lantz.

9. Jerry Mathers played the title role in this TV series.


1. Wonder Woman

2. "Wings"

3. (Rough) Collie

4. "Trees"

5. "Taps"

6. Chicago

7. "No new taxes."

8. Woody Woodpecker

9. "Leave It to Beaver"

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