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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Integrity is needed | The Electoral College | Members of the jury

February 11, 2021 at 2:51 a.m.

Integrity is needed

I would like to applaud the 11 members of the Republican Party that had the integrity to remove Rep. Ms. Marjorie Greene from those committees. On the other hand, I am ashamed of the Republican members that voted to remove Liz Cheney for voting for impeachment of Donald John Trump. However, I am not surprised.

We have Leslie Rutledge, who had the nerve to challenge the vote of another state. She also went along with Trump's lies of voter fraud. Then there is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, another one of Trump's minions. She stood in front of the American people and repeated Trump's untruths. Now both are competing to serve Arkansas for the governorship. Is this the best the Republicans have to offer? If so, shame.

Oh, I haven't forgot about you, Tom Cotton, Mr. speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil when you were in the same room with Trump when he used a smut term referring to another country. At least Asa knew to keep his mouth shut about any endorsement of the two women mentioned above.

What happened to integrity, truthfulness, and respect for the Constitution? We need representatives that are for all the people, not candidates that fall for any conspiracy theory generated by the social media.



The Electoral College

Nathaniel Dranoff, the 11-year-old Little Rock student, wrote an interesting letter in favor of abolishing the Electoral College. I believe there are pros and cons on the subject. My preference would be to abolish it completely and institute a nationwide popular vote to elect our president, not tabulated by individual states but by the total vote count from the entire country.

One person, one vote, no more red states or blue states. Unfortunately I don't see that happening.

A way to reasonably maintain the Electoral College would be for each state to award its electoral votes pro rata. It isn't fair if one candidate receives 51% of the votes and their opponent 49% yet all electoral votes for that state are awarded to the candidate who wins by a slim majority, leaving a large percentage of the population of that state with no representation. I say this as a staunch Democrat who feels my vote for president in overwhelmingly Republican Arkansas is wasted. A Republican in highly Democratic New York feels the same way.

Either of my suggestions gives voters in each state a fair say in this one election we hold as a nation.


Bella Vista

Members of the jury

Question for the editors of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: If a juror refuses to look at or hear presented evidence, should they be allowed to remain on a jury and/or vote? Should these guidelines apply to everyone except U.S. senators?

An editorial or opinion column on this topic would be welcomed.


Bella Vista

Preserve democracy

Why, oh why, do our Arkansas senators and representatives not speak up and speak truth to Arkansans and the nation? Why do they remain silent on the crazed and violent extremism that is overtaking the Republican Party? Promoting actions of insurrection and encouraging an attack upon the U.S. Capitol resulting in deaths is a horrific crime and should not go unpunished.

I believe our senators should vote to convict Trump for the criminal he is in this second impeachment trial. They should have the courage to speak truth and value this country more than their position, as Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and a few other Republicans have had the backbone to do. A refusal to convict Trump promotes approval and encouragement of more lies, conspiracy theories, violence in our country, and the demise of the true Republican Party.

Why can they not have enough respect for America to do as Sen. Margaret Chase Smith did in 1950 with her "Declaration of Conscience" speech concerning Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his profound lies and false accusations? This time it is a president and several senators promoting lies and conspiracy theories resulting in deaths. But their duty as elected officials is to value, declare, and support truth.

Senators, please do something valuable for America: Preserve our democracy for our children and vote to convict former President Trump this week.


Lead Hill

Fulfill your obligation

Honorable Mr. Senator Cotton and Honorable Mr. Senator Boozman, I am watching the Senate trial of former President Trump for inciting insurrection.

I have been watching the lead-up to the charges and impeachment going back at least five years. I have watched the news. I have read the tweets. I have followed Trump's words, his syntax, his rhetoric into the dark corners of the Internet jungle of white supremacy and anti-American violent gangs. I have been terrified. I watched with horror, but without surprise on Jan. 6, 2021, when threats were carried out and predictions were fulfilled.

There is now a Senate trial following impeachment of the former president. I am watching this trial. As you are a member of the jury, I presume you are watching as well. I am watching you. You have sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies domestic. We Arkansans sent you to the Senate knowing that you would do that. I expect you to fulfill that promise and obligation. I am watching. With hope.



It might be quicker

We are 85 and 80 years of age, live in Lonoke County, and damned if we can even get an appointment for the vaccine shot. Maybe we should go to Gitmo.



Not paying attention

Re Sen. Tom Cotton's behavior at the impeachment trial: Observers on the Senate floor reported that Senator Cotton "busied himself" with paperwork and refused to watch the opening video of the insurrection/riot/attempted coup.




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