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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: They're out of control | Legitimate discourse | Nichols went boldly

February 22, 2021 at 3:00 a.m.

They're out of control

The GOP mafia led by Donald Trump is out of control, which is obvious to any sane person. They are seeking censure and revenge for anyone that would dare do what was legal, moral, and ethical and to stand up against Trump. They are looking to punish anyone that does not follow the mafia code with strict obedience to gang loyalty. Such a group could be considered domestic terrorists and I believe needs to be removed from government positions.


Hot Springs

Legitimate discourse

Gitz grumbles about the left calling the shots regarding the discussion of ideas in America. He is correct. Since the right has vacated the field of legitimate discourse for mob action, compulsive and habitual lying, and a fixation on identity conflicts to exploit, there is no alternative to what he would call left-leaning ideas.

Any deviation from mid-20th century American culture is deemed leftist by the reactionary right. Everyone on the right knows the middle of the last century was a golden age, complete and perfect in every way. Practically heaven on Earth. Communism, Jim Crow, conformity, CIA plots, and yes, creationism, all part of paradise.

It seems there are no right-wing ideas to engage, only the fearful repetition of the mantra "change is bad." Don't bother these radical right-wingers with facts, criticism or ideas about progress. They are afraid of criticism since many of their ideas are indefensible. They elect oppressive bullies who fear new ideas and would suppress speech by yelling loudly to national media about how they are "being censored" while in front of a TV camera and microphone.

You can pretend to believe that the Republican Party is the voice of fiscal conservatism when trillion-dollar debts are incurred in a strong economy. You can pretend to believe that freedom means, "You do what I tell you and no back-talk." You can pretend to believe you are advancing conservative thinking by creating and engaging straw men to joust with. Pretending is easy.



Nichols went boldly

I would like to thank the paper for posting information that the movie "Woman in Motion" was playing at the Cinemark Colonel Glenn recently. The movie was a documentary on the contribution Nichelle Nichols made to recruiting minorities for the NASA Space Shuttle program in the 1970-80s. Nichols is known for her role as Uhura in the original "Star Trek" TV series. She was groundbreaking in her portrayal as a female Black officer.

While watching the movie, my daughters and I went on a trip down memory lane and I remembered watching "Star Trek" as a child. The scene showing the reveal of the Space Shuttle Enterprise with the "Star Trek" theme music brought tears to my eyes as a remembered the excitement I felt when I saw the broadcast of that as a child.



If left were in control

Really, Mr. Gitz! If the left has truly won the culture war and is in control, as you assert, there would be many more important changes to celebrate. Let me explain.

If the left is in control and "politics flows downstream from culture" why don't we have universal health care? A higher minimum wage? Internet availability everywhere? And, for the love of Pete, where are those more environmentally sound energy policies to keep our air and water clean and slow down global warming?

I'm also confident that, were the left in charge, it would be rebuilding our country's deteriorating infrastructure, getting big money out of politics, and protecting our voting rights. The left would return government to monitoring and regulating the big banks that got the country in big trouble 12 years ago. Furthermore, if the left were in control, Medicare would be negotiating its drug prices as private health insurers do, thereby helping that excellent program manage working people's hard-earned contributions more responsibly.

If my "lefty" friends and I were in charge of the world (or even just Arkansas) we would not be waiting for universal kindergartens and pre-Ks while our right-wing legislators try to control what schools and universities can teach.

And that new gender language that annoys you so? It will likely not make it from academia to the mainstream because it is plain confusing. Yet something must and will evolve to help us respectfully refer to wider concepts of gender than the terms male/female can convey. One person's PC language is just another person's being polite, Professor. That change will take a while, and it will be bloodless. However, how about that attempted coup on our government by the right? An organized assault on the U.S. Capitol? The failure of the Senate to convict the man who incited the assault for his sedition?

Ideologies and influence: left of center or right of center -- I know which scares me more.


Little Rock

They need to retire

After watching hours of the Senate impeachment hearings, I have one acute observation. Patrick Leahy, 80, was way too old to conduct the hearing. Senators Feinstein, Grassley, Shelby and Imhofe, all of whom are 80-plus, need to retire and allow other younger senators to assume more leadership. Nancy Pelosi, 80, is among 11 House members who are 80 or older. Would you permit your 80-plus-year-old great-grandparents or grandparents to make all the decisions for your family?

Age is not a disqualifier for holding office, but common sense should tell all these people to have the grace to step aside. I am more than 80 years old, so let's not discuss age discrimination.


Bella Vista


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