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Standing for America

On Wednesday, several congressmen and senators will participate in what appears to be a treasonous effort to obstruct the results of a free and fair election that has been certified by each state in the country, including Arkansas. Many in the media call it a publicity stunt, knowing it will fail, but failing to call it the coup attempt it certainly appears to be. Trump's filed and failed with about 60 lawsuits and objections, with no significant proof showing fraud or improper election efforts. He continues to lie about the election results, but Republicans other than Trump mostly held or gained seats.

While the Arkansas attorney general joins these anti-democracy efforts, my hope is for our state's congressmen to clearly stand up for our republic and not support Trump's effort to break apart our nation and sow distrust in the election process and results.

Joe Biden was elected by the same electoral college margin as Donald Trump, and with 81 million votes versus 74 million for Donald Trump. Jan. 6 should be the next step in formalizing this result. Stand for America, not Trump's cult.



Difference in threats

This is my response to Dane Buxbaum's excellent letter addressing political role reversal: Would I support a "chunk of human excrement" who agreed with me politically for president? I answered that question four years ago. I always said unless the Republican candidate drooled, I'd never vote Clinton. In 2016 the Republican foamed at the mouth. Close enough. I voted Clinton.

The presidency is a job and I am the HR officer. Candidate Trump was not only unqualified, he also appealed to the worst in his supporters instead of the best. As I said to my Trump-supporting friends, good luck putting that toothpaste back in the tube! Trust and respect make the civilized world go 'round. I viewed Trump's assault on that as a greater threat than a couple of men getting a marriage license.

There are always threats in life, but some threats are greater than others. Determining the difference informed my vote in 2016. It still does.



Must stand up to them

Reading the editorial about the group attempting to dismantle the American classics and other literature has frightened and angered me. Where does this end?

We as concerned Americans need to stand up to these groups and quit allowing the destruction of our schools, police departments, etc. We should cease arguing politics and pay attention to what is happening that can destroy the USA. That type of divisiveness is exactly what they want to happen as they continue their tactics.



Help is on way for us

In his first letter to the Corinthians the apostle Paul wrote, "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face ..." As we start the new year, I hope some meaningful fraction of the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump have now seen him "face-to-face." Seen him as the delusional and malcontent miscreant he is. Too busy ranting and blaming others for his defeat to focus on the problems we face as a nation. Quick to reward his cadre of crooks and convicted liars with pardons while leaving the rest of us alone to cope with the pandemic and the economic desolation it has inflicted upon millions of Americans.

Fortunately, we are not alone. Help is on the way. Although the shadow of death still falls across the land, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel in the form of miraculous vaccines created by scientists using technologies undreamed of a decade ago.

"I hear America singing," exclaimed Walt Whitman, the poet laureate of democracy and the common man. Perhaps it is too soon for such enthusiasm, but in just weeks the White House will be sanitized, and by that, I mean, sanity will be restored, the light of reason will shine through the windows once again, and bit by bit, President Biden will build back the America we once knew. An America where we trust and respect each other, regardless of the color of our skin or economic status, or political views. A people united against a common enemy that can be defeated with a mask, a bit of distance and a pinprick or two.

Yes, with decency and honesty restored to the White House, help is on the way. We can make America great again, only if first, we make America good again.


Little Rock

Must be fully capable

Potential leaders in our society should be carefully screened before votes are cast to ensure that they not only are fully capable of carrying out the duties required by the position they seek, but also reflect ethics and values which inevitably will influence those very important decisions which must be made while they are in office.

If they don't have a good framework to carry out their duties, weaknesses will affect, perhaps dramatically or even destructively, the results of any decision and create undesirable consequences in their wake for a very long period of time.


Little Rock


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