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Acting like president

I voted for Jimmy Carter, but to my mind he was an ineffectual president. However, as I see it, his work in promoting democracy all over the globe, his enthusiasm for Habitat for Humanity and other charities, his congenial spirit, promotion of music, arts, race relations and wise writing make him easily the best ex-president.

I am no prophet. I don't know how Biden will do. For now, though, I believe he is the best president-elect we have ever had. An hour before Trump could get on the media, not call out the National Guard, and tell the insurrectionists in the Capitol building that he loved them and that they were "special people" but they ought to go home, Biden had commended the police force that was on the ground and pleaded with the president to take definitive action.

While the president was handing out Medals of Freedom to golfers, Biden was setting goals for rolling out inoculations to fight the virus. While Trump was inciting riots, Biden was nominating a distinguished judge as attorney general. While The Donald ranted, Joe spoke in calm, strong, even tones. While Trump attacked his own supporters, Biden cemented a Senate majority.

Biden has done more with only the bloody pulpit than Trump has with the weight of the entire presidency.


Hot Springs

Future of our nation

America now has two days that will live in infamy. We know how the greatest generation reacted to their day. It is an open question as to whether this generation will have the moral fiber, will and drive to defend America from its day of infamy.

The future of America waits upon the answer.



Crawford knew better

Mr. Crawford, shame on you for objecting to certifying the presidential electors on Jan. 6. You know that the 2020 election was the most secure and fair election in U.S. history, as noted by sober, responsible public officials who are much more knowledgeable than you.

Investigations and recounts by honest election officials have confirmed that no significant election fraud occurred. Every objection to election results was determined to be without merit by legitimate courts. Thankfully, the courts are the backstop for undemocratic, unconstitutional actions like yours. The electors before Congress represented the real will of "The People," including me and a clear majority of citizens who voted in the 2020 presidential election. You know this all.

Your objection to the certification of the electors was an unpatriotic, cynical, politically calculated action that puts you among the most despicable sycophants on the planet. You, sir, are a threat to American democracy. We reject ridiculous, fantastical, fictional conspiracy theories posed by Russia, Iran, North Korea, and other authoritarian countries that they use to "explain" inconvenient truths that they refuse to acknowledge, like you have.

You, sir, are much worse, however. You have grown up in a democratic society, live in a country with long-

established democratic institutions, and have access to a free press. You know better. Yet, with all this knowledge, history and support, you lowered yourself lower than a snake's belly to lick the boots of the Liar-in-Chief and placate the unknowing mobs that have been misled by his lies. Shame, shame!

When the good people of Arkansas send you packing in 2022, maybe you can get a job as a golf caddie at one of the Great Liar's golf resorts. In my opinion, you have demonstrated that you are qualified for no position higher than carrying heavy objects for lazy, narcissistic oafs.


North Little Rock

Not the same party

The Republican lawsuits challenging the election results in four swing states can be summarized in two sentences. They did not properly suppress the Black vote. To make matters worse, they counted those Black votes. All the rest is a word salad of lies.

This is not the Republican Party of my parents and grandparents. The proper symbol for today's Republican Party is not the elephant. It is Jim Crow.



Excellent newspaper

Ditto what Wayne Gisler of Springdale said in his Voices letter: The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper is the best! We so appreciate everyone at the Democrat-Gazette for continuing to deliver a "real" newspaper. We also have seen papers (note the absence of the word news) around the country and are amazed at the differences.

And it didn't take these retirees long to get used to reading online. We thought it would be a huge adjustment after a lifetime of starting our day retrieving the newspaper from the front porch and spreading it out on the table to enjoy with our morning coffee. While we thank our delivery guy (who has stuck with his job, by the way; kudos) for our Sunday paper, we find ourselves so accustomed to the color and fantastic photos in the online version that we sometimes pull up Sunday's edition for a better look.

Please keep up the good work.


Little Rock

To be truly 'pro-life'

A national advocacy group has named Arkansas the most "pro-life" state in the country for 2021, The ranking was based in part on laws that limit abortion. Our Legislature is expected to further the state's "pro-life" image by passing Sen. Jason Rapert's anti-abortion bill this session.

Apparently, neither the "pro-life" advocacy group nor our Legislature recognizes that life continues after birth. The award would have been much more impressive and our Legislature much more realistic had their actions put forth legislation which, with teeth in it, would require "deadbeat dads" to support their offspring for their first 18 years. In addition to a child's economic benefits, the law might also reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies by bringing home the true expected cost of unprotected sex. Unwanted pregnancies resulting from unprotected sex are, after all, the primary cause of abortions.

The Legislature could further enhance the Arkansas true pro-life status by enacting legislation to increase funding for programs like Head Start which support children during their formative years.




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