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And still, she sailed

In heavy seas, the old girl rolled and bucked. She creaked and groaned. However, she did not broach, nor did she capsize. She kept the course.

Hooray for the judiciary, the least democratic of our institutions, but our institutional memory. Hooray for the architects of our Constitution. Hooray for the adopters.



Democracy the best

Even though the recent violent demonstrations in our nation's capital were shocking and horrendous, and criminal violence and destruction should never be condoned, and at the same time many of our enemies are using it to further their propaganda, I believe some good can come of it.

Other nations can see just how far we, as a democratic nation, allow the people their freedom of speech and demonstration. In many communist and socialist countries, demonstrations such as the one that happened in our capital would have been met, not with just troops, but with tanks and machine guns, and hundreds if not thousands would have been killed. This should show all other countries and their people that the best form of government is democracy. I pray that our citizens never forget that.



Keep truth coming

Your "Not Real News" is very helpful. Please keep it coming.



The American dream

Re Star Parker column: What a refreshing look at an ongoing problem in America, racism. Ms. Parker used Census Bureau statistics (1980-2019) to demonstrate marked improvement in several areas of the "Black households," i.e., high school graduation, college attendance, and median income increase.

Her opinion is that America has two divergent methods that our Black citizens can better themselves. One is through hard work, diligence, good character, and staying the course. Another maintains that life is unfair, and that government must make it fair through various programs that they then rely on seemingly forever.

Ms. Parker ends with this: "The latter [view] is the culture of the left, which damages the very individuals it pretends to help."

America is crying out these days for many things--one of which is fairness in achieving the American dream. Little Rock, let's do our part!


Little Rock


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