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Must do right thing

To Mr. Bruce Westerman, Mr. Tom Cotton, and Mr. John Boozman, and to all the government leadership in the state of Arkansas sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America: Now is the time to find your courage and remember duty to your state and this country. The people of Arkansas need honest leaders who are willing to stand before their people and avert the violence because of the lie of voter fraud.

Do not wait. Do not follow. State unequivocally to our people: End the violence.

We conducted a fair election. Joseph Biden will be our president in less than a week. Donald Trump was not re-elected. Any resistance to this fact is an act against the United States of America, which is its people.

We have already witnessed the arrest of an Arkansas resident who occupied the Capitol in Washington, D.C. You have each actively and passively supported Donald Trump when you knew better.

Now is the time of your reckoning. Regardless of your personal or political conservatism, your religious affiliation, your race, or your socioeconomic status, you have an oath to me and this country. You either support democracy or fascism at this point. There is no gray area to navigate. You are a man who stands up for his convictions or you are a traitor to your office and the Constitution. In which case I invoke the 14th Amendment, Section 3, and demand your resignation. Remove Donald Trump from office now.

I sincerely pray you do the right thing. Now!


Hot Springs

On selective justice

Any right-thinking American wants the perpetrators of violence against our Capitol grounds and leaders to be treated with the full weight of the law. But note the difference in what's written about similar violence by some attendees at other riots in recent months ... at, say, Portland, Seattle, etc., done in the name of leftist causes. For those we had to "understand the pain," or the injustice, or some such, that motivated them. We were to accept the gross laxity of law enforcement and prosecution of those perpetrators, while now we pull last week's attendees off planes and trains, toss them into the clink, and threaten years behind bars.

The most recent example of such hypocrisy-soaked leftist diatribe is Brummett's column in Tuesday's paper: "Let's get conciliatory toward the Constitution before we worry about being conciliatory toward seditionists and their enablers." Let's see, does he mean the mushy, malleable "living Constitution" so often advanced by his ilk to justify whatever liberal cause is at the moment popular? Or the one written by brilliant people in the 18th century, even now hailed as the best set of founding principles ever set forth by man?

Mr. Brummett gives new meaning to the term "double standard." I say no, sir, you don't get to invoke my country's Constitution to punish those you disfavor while waving it aside when it's inconvenient for those you favor.


Little Rock

Is it safe to come out?

Is he gone yet?


North Little Rock


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