Tools & Toys: "In Case You Get Hit by a Bus" and Lava Glass Mosaic Tiles

"In Case You Get Hit by a Bus" and Lava Glass Mosaic Tiles

"In Case You Get Hit by a Bus"

What's to love: For those that have made a resolution to get more organized this year, this book from Workman Publishing gives step-by-step guides to a variety of life chores from managing and sharing passwords to pre-planning funerals.

What does it do: The full title of the book, is "In Case You Get Hit by a Bus, How to Organize Your Life Now for When You're Not Around Later." The book — from the experts at Everplans, a digital life planning company — divides the chores into three parts — the most urgent, technical information and personal history. When completed, some of the things those left behind will know are how to access important passwords, your plans for family heirlooms, instruction manuals on houses and vehicles and maybe even a pre-written obituary. The book sells for $17.95. Visit for more information.

Lava Glass Mosaic Tiles

What's to love: Iridescent fused glass tiles with a light reflecting, wavy rippled surface in shades of blue and green that would be beautiful in a bathroom or pool.

What does it do: The tiles, from Island Stone, can be used indoors or out and meet requirements for exterior freeze-thaw environments and submerged applications. They are available in 1-by-1-inch or 1-by-2-inch sizes. The tiles are available in six colors reminiscent of tropical waters: Burning Ice, Cool Tropics, Deep Flow, Hazy Wave, Liquid Rock and Solid Ash. For more information visit