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Finally, we got some rain!

by Janet Carson | July 11, 2021 at 9:42 p.m.

You were beginning to see who had and hadn't been watering in central Arkansas this week. Luckily, overnight we got almost an inch of rain, and then several brief showers today which should green up those dry lawns. It gave me a break from watering! Mid-day, the humidity took a break and it actually was delightful outside. That is twice in July so far, that we have seen this. I wish it would stay that way all summer!

In spite of, or maybe because of the weather, our gardens are looking great.

I have loads of summer color, from beautiful hydrangeas in both big leaf

and panicle types,

plus gardenias,


blackberry lily and coneflower,

and tons of summer annuals that just get bigger and brighter each week.

I do fertilize weekly, and have kept up with the watering, but they are paying me back with lots of color. I alwyas plant several varieties of impatiens

in my front shade beds, but I am loving the bi-colors in both common

and sunpatiens.

In the vegetable garden, I am harvesting a lot of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.

I did have some blight on a few of the cherry tomatoes, and the squash got hit by squash borers when I was out of town, so I did some renovating this week. I pulled plants that didn't look good and started replanting. I always have loads of seeds hanging out in the garage, so I planted cucumbers, squash and beans. I also replanted a few tomato plants. I watered lightly but often to keep the seeds moist, and I have already been rewarded with seedlings popping up.

It is great to spend time in the garden. When one plant goes, there is always something waiting to take its place.


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