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In the news

July 16, 2021 at 3:44 a.m.

• Missy Gibbs, a marine biologist at Stetson University in Florida, said that first-time manatee mothers can become emaciated by overnursing their babies, which was the case for a manatee and her 1-year-old calf that were released back into the wild after four months of rehabilitation at Sea World Orlando.

• Nicholas Hanning, an Idaho Springs, Colo., police officer faces a third-degree assault charge after being accused of using a stun gun on a 75-year-old man less than a minute after the man answered the door holding a swordlike weapon, which he had put down before he was shocked.

• Somchai Yoosabai said he and other firefighters in Bangkok used sticks to prod an 11½-foot reticulated python weighing about 77 pounds into a bag as it tried to escape by crawling onto a roof after it was spotted in a small downtown park.

• Perry Wallace, a custodial worker in Jackson, Miss., said city employees "deserve better than this," after workers complained that they went for days without air conditioning as the smell of sewage permeated their workplace at an old shopping mall.

• Rich Beausoleil, a wildlife biologist, said the first known female grizzly bear in Washington state in 40 years has been fitted with a radio collar so scientists can track her movements in the remote Selkirk Mountains.

• Dillon Jordan, 49, of Arrowhead Lake, Calif., a movie producer with credits on films such as "The Kindergarten Teacher" and "The Kid," was arrested on a New York indictment accusing him of using a production company to operate an international prostitution business, federal prosecutors said.

• Beth-Ann Kozlovich of Honolulu said she was walking her dog when she found the headless carcasses of three koloa ducks, an endangered species, evenly spaced in the middle of a road, saying she "knew this wasn't a natural occurrence by any means."

• Zachary Wester, 28, a former Jackson County, Fla., sheriff's deputy convicted of planting drugs inside drivers' cars during traffic stops and then arresting them, was sentenced to 12 years in prison, prosecutors said.

• Richard Sullivan, 65, an Appalachian Trail hiker from Archdale, N.C., who fell and broke his ankle on Maine's Spaulding Mountain, was carried to safety after a nearly 11-hour operation involving game wardens and about 35 first responders and volunteers.

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