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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: On what we believe | Makes sense in a way | Get the fainting couch

July 16, 2021 at 2:57 a.m.

On what we believe

Believing. So many issues we have to face today, literally from one end of the spectrum to the other. And in this spectrum are so many things that we do or don't believe in. We have free will to choose what those subjects are as individuals. That is our God-given birthright earned by those who choose to believe in and sacrifice for the better for all. Reminds me of another who sacrificed everything for the better of all.

So much we take for granted. Life is not fair. Never will be. That is a fact that was decided long before any of us got here. Nobody has control of where they come from. Believing. Believing you are right and I am wrong. Ultimately that is the bottom line at the end of the day: who's right and who's wrong. To my fellow citizens, not Democrats or Republicans, not whites or Blacks, not males or females, that believe they are right: Try changing the tone in your voice when you speak to me, because as long as I keep being told I'm wrong, you will never convince me you are right.

Wear your masks and get your shots. I'm not sorry for the inconvenience that you say I cause. No more than you are not sorry for the way you speak to me when I don't. Life is not fair. But believe what you want.



Makes sense in a way

The covid vaccines were developed during the Trump administration. Possibly that is why many people are hesitant or afraid to be vaccinated.



Get the fainting couch

My friend Tom Cotton is mad about Joe Biden's presidency. (Tom calls me friend and emails me all the time. Don't tell the Democrats, but he needs money badly.)

Biden has been soft on China. Tom's right. Biden congratulated Xi Jinping on becoming "president for life." Then, he congratulated the CCP on 75 years in power. Then, he praised Xi's response to the virus, and assured us that China had it under control. Oh sorry, that was Donald Trump.

But wait, there's Hunter, dangit! Hunter got three Chinese trademarks the same day he and Joe had dinner with Xi. Is there any fool that thinks that was a coincidence? Of course not. Oh, that was Ivanka.

OK, but Hunter sold investments in property in New Jersey to Chinese investors who could get an investment visa and bypass other immigration requirements with only a half-million dollars. Oh, sorry again, that was Jared Kushner's sister.

Well, now Tom's found another culture war to fight over critical race theory. He has identified an associate professor in the political science department at the Air Force Academy who needs to be fired for teaching cadets about the theory, and how American history might have a few minor negative points to it. Clearly, in Tom's mind, our cadets can't be exposed to this type of heresy.

As much as I appreciate his willingness to protect cadets and America from hearing anything negative about our history, as a proud USAFA alum and coincidentally a poli-sci major, I can assure Tom our cadets aren't such snowflakes that they can't handle CRT. In my classes, I learned America actually made mistakes in Vietnam. While we often needed our fainting couches, we got through exposure to ideas that American history has a few blemishes.

So, Senator, don't worry about what our cadets are exposed to. What makes America great is not that we haven't made any mistakes, it's that we can change and learn from our mistakes. With a good fainting couch, they can handle it. Maybe you could get them some new couches, though.



Taught right, wrong

Once upon a time in a parsonage far, far away, lived three brothers and a sister. They were taught in the ways of the world as they were taught right from wrong. They did wrong at times, but for the most part they did right.

If a family was raised like that, everything would be right.



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