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Cat shot with arrow in northeast Arkansas, severely injured, authorities say

by Brianna Kwasnik | July 20, 2021 at 1:47 p.m.

Investigators in northeast Arkansas are trying to determine who shot a cat with an arrow last week, severely injuring the animal, authorities said.

The cat was brought to the Paragould Humane Society on Friday morning, according to a Facebook post from the organization.

The arrow narrowly missed the cat’s heart, but resulted in some broken ribs, said Lisa Trevathan, an animal welfare investigator with the organization. The humane society said they immediately sought care at an area clinic.

The humane society has been in touch with the cat’s owner and will reunite them, according to Trevathan.

She said another cat was shot with an arrow in eastern Arkansas on Thursday. A few months earlier, the humane society took in a dog that was shot with an arrow and later died, Trevathan said. The person believed to have shot the dog was cited for animal cruelty.

Capt. Brad Snyder of the Paragould Police Department said a report on the shooting was forwarded to their criminal investigation division for review.

The humane society asked anyone with information about who may have injured the cat, to contact them, at (870) 932-5185, or Paragould Animal Control, at (870) 239-7520.


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