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In the news

by The Associated Press | July 22, 2021 at 3:41 a.m.

• Newman Brazier, a Mount Vernon, Ala., police officer who stood at attention in his regular uniform without raingear to honor a Black World War II soldier as his funeral procession passed during a storm, said he simply wanted to recognize a veteran from a small town.

• Martiayna Watson, 20, filed a lawsuit against the Delaware State Police accusing plainclothes officers in unmarked cars of blockading her car, pulling her out of the vehicle and holding her at gunpoint at a Wilmington gas station until they realized she wasn't the person they were seeking.

• Sally Most of Fairmount, Ind., said she and her husband traveled about 200 miles north to get pictures of a roseate spoonbill, a rare water bird with pink feathers and a long bill that typically lives along the Gulf Coast, that appeared along a stream in southeastern Michigan.

• David Ralston, the Republican speaker of Georgia's House of Representatives, said he wants to find $75 million in the state budget to give police officers and sheriff's deputies $1,000 bonuses, raise salaries for prosecutors and public defenders, and bolster efforts to investigate election fraud.

• John Cedeno, a 25-year-old New York man, and Chelsy Cochran, 33, of Winslow, Maine, face drug-trafficking charges after police, acting on a tip, stopped their car on an interstate near Gardiner, Maine, and reportedly found about 4 pounds of cocaine disguised as a cake.

• Victoria Kennedy, 67, an attorney, gun-control advocate and the widow of U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, has been nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as the U.S. ambassador to Austria.

• Yuliya Gilshteyn, 45, a white woman who was charged with a hate crime after being caught on video spitting on a Black woman during a protest in Hartford, Conn., was allowed to enter a special probation program for first-time offenders that could leave her with no criminal record.

• Craig Barnes, a Shawnee County, Kan., health department manager, said a dog will be monitored for 50 days as a precaution after the bat it pulled from a tree tested positive for rabies.

• Tommy Bryant, a white City Council member in Tarrant, Ala., is rejecting calls for his resignation after he used a racial slur toward a Black council member during a live broadcast of a meeting, saying he won't apologize and might run for mayor.

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