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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Repeal mandate ban | Salaries for teachers | Death toll from covid

July 22, 2021 at 3:01 a.m.

Repeal mandate ban

I'm sure our leaders are watching the growing numbers of covid-19 cases and news of children too young to be vaccinated becoming gravely ill. Because we do not yet know the long-term effects the virus has on survivors, I am greatly concerned about school starting back in less than a month.

I have no desire to keep my 9-year-old child out of the classroom for another year, and every desire that he be as safe as possible while at school. We know that even vaccinated people can still get the virus and be asymptomatic, transmitting it to unvaccinated persons.

With that in mind, I call on Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Rep. Stephen Magie and Sen. Jason Rapert to support the repeal of Act 1002 so that individual schools may choose for themselves whether or not to mandate mask-wearing for younger students who cannot yet be vaccinated against covid-19, as well as the teachers and staff who interact with them.



Salaries for teachers

Today, the Little Rock School District leaders will meet to consider an increase of beginning teachers' salaries from $36,000 to $43,000 this school year, with a proposed increase by 2023-24 to $48,000. First-year increase is 19 percent. Where is the money going to come from?

If this proposal is passed, the people that pay property that taxes in Pulaski County can expect a proposal of a millage increase quite soon. If this is passed, the teachers that have been teaching for years in Pulaski County will soon decide they need a pay raise too. If the LRSD teachers think the free money from Washington, D.C., will pay or continue to pay for pay hikes, that's probably why students' math test scores are so low. Arkansas has allowed teachers with no teaching license to be hired. So the taxpayer is expected to give pay raises to untrained or unlicensed teachers or even ones that are licensed?

Is there any Arkansas office or committee that has control over the LRSD leaders? The state should never have given back control to the district. Its actions only show the lack of concern for increasing students' test scores. For years teachers' salaries have been increased, yet test scores have decreased, and no, do not try and blame this on covid. The test scores dropped prior to covid.



Death toll from covid

One thing is a scientific certainty: Those idiots refusing to get vaccinated are going to die at preferentially higher rates than those of us with functioning frontal lobes. It appears the death toll this time will be primarily Republicans. (Duh!)

As a bonus, I believe the aggregate IQ of the American public will increase noticeably.



Certainly wouldn't lie

Imagine a football game in the future between LSU and the Hogs. Arkansas wins (of course). The LSU quarterback congratulates the victor. The sports reporters make their analysis and commentary. Everyone goes home.

The next day the LSU coach says it was all a mistake. All fake news. He reminds us that he made a prediction several months ago that he would win; therefore he could not have lost. That one touchdown was not legal. The yardage was miscounted. All the referees are communists, even the one from Louisiana. The game cameras were all rigged in Pakistan to change the color of the uniforms and to reverse the goalposts. He has absolute proof of this which he will reveal ... someday.

Some members of the LSU team dispute all this. But the coach makes it clear that anyone who does not support him will be dismissed. They shut up. Fans who saw the game disagree. But many fans who were not there hear rumors. "Maybe his knee wasn't really down." "Maybe there was pass interference not seen by camera or anybody." It kind of seems like it might have been sort of possible. It should be investigated. The first investigations show that the game results were accurate, so the LSU Athletic Department decides to turn everything over to the coach's best friend for an impartial analysis.

In the meantime, a large group of rabid LSU fans march north to attack Razorback Stadium, to destroy the game records (and the press box). Should the campus police try to stop them? They might get hurt. At least the Louisiana National Guard decided not to send anyone.

It is the end of football as we know it. Why play if we can't agree on who won? Just pick the coach you like and go with him. He is totally objective. He could not be mistaken. And he certainly wouldn't lie.


Hot Springs Village

Require vaccination

It seems reasonable to add coronavirus vaccine as one of the required (and necessary) immunizations before accepting a person's admission to any Arkansas educational institution if they are age 12 or older (and hopefully soon all ages).

Additionally, vaccination should be a requirement before entry is permitted to any Arkansas sporting event (including participants and fans).

Finally, responsible religious organizations should consider saving members' lives by requiring vaccination before permitting participation in group services.

Let's add coronavirus to the list of preventable diseases (poliomyelitis, meningitis, tuberculosis, measles, mumps, chicken pox, HPV, shingles, many pneumonias, tetanus, etc.).

Long live Arkansans!


Eureka Springs

Extent of your rights

Re covid anti-vaxxers: As my dad said many years ago, "The other fellow's rights end where my nose begins."



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