Tools & Toys: ShowerSpecs and Safegrate

Shower Specs and Safegrate


What's to love: Can't tell whether it's the conditioner bottle or the shampoo bottle when in the shower because of the tiny writing, or just want to read in the tub without your glasses fogging up? These reading glasses are made just for those situations with hinges made of 5-barrel riveted stainless steel and light-weight acetate frames.

What does it do: The glasses are available in three strengths: +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0. The lenses are made to repel water droplets and they have an anti-fog coating. They are available in three colors Misty Green, Pastel Blue and Stone Gray and come with a handy hook that can be adhered inside the shower to hold the glasses. They sell for $65. Find out more at showerspecs.com.


What's to love: No more skinned knuckles or fingers. This is a great tool for when children are helping in the kitchen.

What does it do: Made of stainless steel, this kitchen tool allows the user to safely grate cheese or vegetables without the chance of injury. Food is held safely with metal tines and the hand guard protects fingers, nails and knuckles. Can be used right- or left-handed. Safegrate sells for $12.99. Visit safegrate.ca for more information.

CORRECTION: ShowerSpecs are eyeglasses that repel water and have an anti-fog coating. An earlier version of this story included an incorrect name.