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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: On benefits of service | Get to the root causes | Sets a bad precedent

June 4, 2021 at 3:05 a.m.

On benefits of service

I agree with Dana Kelley's views on the benefits of military service. My own grandson would have been much better off in life had he gone into military school or military service after high school. They said he did not meet their criteria, but I think he would have in the days of the draft. I was in the Army Reserve for over eight years.

Perhaps we should look at some successes in other countries. In Israel everyone of both sexes serves at least two years in the military. It works for them.

In the Netherlands a rigorous evaluation occurs in school to determine each one's aptitude. That determines whether they are fit for college and the professions. Some are suitable for trade schools and are strongly encouraged in that direction. Others are suited for military service and also pushed in that direction. This system has the added benefit that few drop out of college, again avoiding the waste of time and money.

Again, personal experience says that children and even college graduates seldom know what their goals are.


North Little Rock

Get to the root causes

Racism has been a part of our country since the beginning and before. All men are created equal unless you are a slave; then you are three-fifths of a person. The Trail of Tears, the near extermination of First Nations people, the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, hate crimes against Jews, Muslims, Blacks and Asian Americans, the Tulsa and Elaine destruction and killings with no justice, Jim Crow, the rise again of white supremacy, it goes on and on.

We need to get to the root causes. You have to be taught to hate. Maybe we should be taught at least to tolerate. Our education system needs to tell the stories of discrimination and racism in America. Denying our history and trying to hide or ignore it only prolongs the healing and understanding that must occur in order to fulfill the promise of the Constitution.



Sets a bad precedent

I agree with Michael Ferguson. My husband and I have gotten our vaccine shots. We want our scratch-offs, too. Why are we paying for people to do the right thing? This is setting a precedent.

We've decided not to do anything else until we get paid; assess, driver's license, auto tags, maybe even pay state taxes. Should I go on?




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