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Real estate transactions

June 13, 2021 at 2:11 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded May 17-May 21:

Third And Commerce, LLC to Rodney Parham, LLC, Units 150, 200, 300, 400 & 500, Arkansas Capital Commerce Center HPR; Ls1-3 & 10 B9, Pope, $4,972,331.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to The Nature Conservancy, Ls4-11 B2, Ls2-6 & 13-14 B3, The Ridges At Nowlin Creek; Ls45-48 & 92-98 B1, Ls17-18 B3, The Ridges At Nowlin Creek; Varios Parts Sections 36-3N-15W, Section 31-3N-14W, Section 6-2N-14W & Section 1-2N-15W, $4,968,000.

KP Properties Of Arkansas, LLC to Main Street Homes, LLC, 306 JP Wright Loop Road, Jacksonville, Pt. N/2 NW 28-3N-10W; Pt. SE SE 23-3N-1W; Pt. SE SE 23-3N-11W; Pt. SW SE 8-3N-10W (see Doc For Other Descriptions), $4,675,000.

Third And Commerce, LLC to Broadway CK, LLC, 404 East Third St., Little Rock, Ls7-10 B37, Original City Of Little Rock; Ls1-4 & 9-12 B9, Pope; Ls3-6 B147, Original City Of Little Rock, $3,327,669.

Swan Harbor, LLC to Hundred One, LLC, 101 River Bluff Drive, Little Rock, Lot RH-5A, Riverdale, $3,100,000.

F. Michael Bauer III., to YanJun, LLC, L7, Greenbrier, $1,700,000.

SN Management, LLC to Jason and Selena Taylor and The Jason Taylor Family Trust, 1310 & 1312 Louisiana St., Little Rock, Ls8-11 B168, Original City Of Little Rock, $1,600,000.

MF Holcombe, LLC and MF Holcombe II, LLC to Little Rock Ventures III, LLC, 2100 Rebsamen Park Road, Little Rock, Pt. SW SE 29-2N-12W, $1,392,650.

Little Rock Ventures III, LLC to F. Belforti-Metro Annex 15, LLC and M. Belforti-Metro Annex 15, LLC, 2100 Rebsamen Park Road, Little Rock, Pt. SW SE 29-2N-12W, $1,265,000.

Natalie A. Greenberg and Phillis A. Kaplan to Rob Solley and The Rob Solley Trust, Ls6-7 & 18-19 B1, Riffel & Rhoton's Forest Park Highland, $1,125,000.

David N. and Katherine D. Watts to C. S. and Angela R. Aduddell and The Alis Aquilae Trust, 19 Cravache Court, Little Rock, L72, Chenal Downs Phase II, $1,100,000.

Town Creek, LLC to Justin and Rebecca Sims, 17117 Valley View Loop, Roland, L13 B3, River Valley View Estates, $1,070,000.

Haybar Properties, LLC to 808 Izard St., LLC 806 S. Izard St., Little Rock, Ls7-10 B248, Original City Of Little Rock, $1,025,000.

C. S. and Angela R. Aduddell and The Alis Aquilae Trust to Jonathan and Haley Wyatt, 200 Sologne Court, Little Rock, L1 B95, Chenal Valley, $975,000.

No. 40 Real Estate Partnership, LLC to KMS Car WHS, LLC, 400 Phillips Road, North Little Rock, L8, Strauss Acres, $950,000.

Junction Holdings, LLC to Love Lubana, LLC, 24109 Ark. 107, Jacksonville, L23, Lake Farm Phase I, $900,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to James David and Valerie Renee Clark and The Clark Family Trust, 125 Hallen Lane, Little Rock, L57 B96, Chenal Valley, $885,000.

Mona Lynn Thompson and The DFT Trust to A. Harry and Brenda L. Herget and The Brenda And Harry Herget Family Living Trust, L46 B83, Chenal Valley, $850,000.

Goshen Enterprises, LLC to Rock City Houses, LLC, 3515 Gum St., North Little Rock, L8, Fischer's Replat- Moore's Glendale; Ls15-16 B3, Baring Cross; L5 B6, Union Heights; Ls5-6 B6-, North Argenta; L14 B29, Iron Mountain; L15 B62, Park Hill NLR, $800,000.

RMG, LLC to Brolo Properties, LLC, 9307 Maumelle Blvd., Maumelle, L2R, Carpet Barn, $800,000.

John R. and Sandra L. Marshall to Scott Douglas and Laura Ann Fletcher, 9 Phellos Court, Little Rock, Lot B-6 B13, Chenal Valley, $750,000.

Brad and Emily Canada to Molly Einstein Owens and The Molly Einstein Owens Revocable Trust, L7R B15, Newton, $750,000.

Rebecca Robnett Sandoval and Leah B. Trahin(dec'd) to Brandon and Elizabeth Finch, 4521 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ls36-37, Prospect Terrace, $699,900.

Memphis CashFLow, GP to Little Rock Crustacean Alpha, LLC, 1800 Labette Manor Drive, Little Rock, Ls6-8, Labette Manor, $679,900.

Stuart and Rita Jean Vess to WO Storage, LLLP, Pt. NW NW 2-2N-13W, $653,400.

Mark J. and Morie Malloy to David and Mary C. Lower and The Lower Living Trust, L16, Scenic Heights, $644,500.

Kirk Property Management, LLC to 4617 Taylor St. Acquisition, LLC, 4617 Taylor St., North Little Rock, Warehouse Development Plat No. 1, $630,000.

Cynthia L. and Jeffery M. Westcott to Mark D. and Lindsay D. Young, 13813 Fern Valley Lane, Little Rock, L25 B13, Woodlands Edge, $612,000.

Dale W. and Julia A. Campbell and The Dale Campbell And Julia Campbell Revocable Trust to Mark and Jane Coonce, Ls4-7 & 18-21 B2, Hollywood, $590,000.

Julie M. Hagood to Donnally Campbell Davis and John Robert Davis, 1714 N. Palm St., Little Rock, Ls24-26, Cliffewood, $570,000.

Jonathan David and Tara Elisabeth Crouch to Chad and Jessica Harris, 30 Waterside Drive, Little Rock, L12, The Village At Ison Creek Phase I, $520,000.

Mark and Ann Langston to David M. and Tracy Stotts Weed, 151 Cove Creek Court, Little Rock, L10 B19, Woodlands Edge, $487,000.

James L. and Lynn Saner to Joel G. and Julie D. Stone, 22 Cypress Valley Loop, Maumelle, L33 B12, Maumelle Valley Estates, $480,000.

Jaime R. Guerra to Clayton Matthew and Beth-Ann Kauppila, 321 N. Summit St., Little Rock, L4 B3, Virginia Heights, $460,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Robbie S. Malchow and The Robbie S. Malchow Living Trust, L3 B4, Parkside At Wildwood, $440,500.

Aki Juhani Tamminen and Niina Marianne Massinen to David A. and Leslie E. Hancock, 844 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L4 B8, Wildwood Place, $440,000.

CJRLG, LLC to Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., L2 B11, The Villages Of Wellington, $427,000.

Nayan and Diptiben N. Nagin to Maurice Hollister and Porcia Pearson, 9317 Seasons Cove, Sherwood, L122, Miller's Crossing Phase 3, $410,000.

Donnie and Michele Phillips to Donald A. and Rachael L. Phillips, 9009 Acres Cove, Sherwood, L17, Millers Crossing Phase I, $407,000.

Adam and Jenny Carson to Martin and Sarah Watts, 1509 Winslow Drive, Little Rock, L10, Hall Cove, $405,000.

Ogden and Charlotte Berry to Kentrell and Kimberly Hampton, 114 Bronte Circle, Little Rock, L14 B55, Chenal Valley, $399,900.

Madeleine Rae Polk to Robert L. Frazier, 3700 Cantrell Road, Unit 502, Little Rock, Unit 5-2, Riviera HPR, $379,900.

John W. McCray to Stephen Paul and Lindy R. Clifton, 58 Epernay Circle, Little Rock, L22 B79, Chenal Valley, $376,900.

JM Crites Builder, Inc. to Jeffery and Andrea Woodberry, 9229 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L5 B14, Creekside, $376,500.

Josefina Diaz to James and Mia Settles Tidwell, 7913 Hillsboro Road, Mabelvale, L1, Josefina Diaz, $365,000.

David A. Hodges to Karrer Alghazali and Rabab Hamzah, 5112 P St., Little Rock, L22 B3, McGehee, $360,000.

Dudley Alan and Susan Leszczyna Smith and The Dudley And Susan Smith Revocable Trust to Marjorie Munger Watkins, 816 Cache River Road, North Little Rock, L38R B6, Overbrook, $359,000.

Dudley Alan and Susan Leszczyna Smith to Marjorie Munger Watkins, 816 Cache River Road, North Little Rock, L38R B6, Overbrook, $359,000.

Kiberly V. and A. C. Freeman Jr., to B. Finley Vinson Jr., and The Willis R. Smith Revocable Trust, L14, Stonecreek Village, $355,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Lindsay and Justin W. Harper, 15 Saffron Circle, Little Rock, L37 B2, Parkside At Wildwood, $354,880.

Menco Construction, LLC to James and Krista Anderson, 9797 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L33 B9, Creekside, $351,000.

Capital View Investments, LLC to Tandem Investments, LCL, 213 Meadow Park Drive, North Little Rock, L7 B9, Greenlea Section 2; L1, Bully's Power Line Drive Replat; Pt. Blks. 210, 211 & 239, Prothro Replat; Lots C & D, Spruill's Home Tract- Atkins Home Tracts; L10 B10, Greenlea, $350,000.

Angela R. White and The Dorothy M. Campbell Trust to WFIT White Oak, LLC, Pt. SE NW & Pt. NE SW 20-3N-13W, $350,000.

Luanne and Len E. Blaylock Jr., to Allan Robert and Paula Rae Provorse, L1627, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $350,000.

Summerwood, Inc. to Northwind Holdings, LLC, 1 Club Manor Drive, Maumelle, Pt. NW 5-2N-13W & Pt. SW 32-3N-13W, $350,000.

Ryan James and Katelynn Katherine Campbell to Michella Whisman, 12700 Meadows Edge Lane, Little Rock, L1 B8, Woodlands Edge, $348,500.

Timothy A. and Jarin P. Fontenoy to Yuet Kin Leung, 4214 Carter Lane, Little Rock, L16R, Carter Oaks, $345,000.

Blue River Investments, Inc. to Kevin Lemar Reese, 2302 Fair Park Blvd., Little Rock, L2 B46, Cherry And Cox, $342,500.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Justin Dupree and Shelby Elizabeth Brown, 20 Piper Lane, Little Rock, L11, Piper Lane, $340,000.

James Hull and Deirdre Pippenger to Ronald Todd Rutherford, 8 Butterfield Lane, Little Rock, L28, Piedmont, $338,000.

Zhengxian Zhang and Hua Wang to Jason Linza Wyatt, 1709 Dorado Beach Drive, Little Rock, L77, Pebble Beach Woods, $337,000.

C&C Platinum Properties, LLC to Edwin Palmer, 5817 F St., Little Rock, L1R B22, Lincoln Park Replat, $330,000.

Mary Elizabeth Price to David Allen and Jennifer Lynn Brown, 8327 Windsor Valley Drive, North Little Rock, L14 B7, Windsor Valley, $325,000.

LGG, LLC to VBKH, LLC, Ls3 & 14, Belair Section A; L33 B4, Fairfield Section E; Ls56 & 37, Pinewood, $323,000.

LW Ventures, LLC to Farmhouse Falls, Ltd., 7-8 & 9-10 Southland Cove, Maumelle, Ls8-9, Edgepark Phase II, $323,000.

Johnathon D. and Melissa Savage Wainwright to Adam C. Golden, Rachel D. Golden, Charles Ray Nicholson and Vivian Riley Nicholson, 520 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L69 B3, Wildwood Place, $313,000.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Dakota and Megan Marie Hutchison, 105 Keystone Lane, Maumelle, L12 B26, Maumelle Valley Estates, $310,000.

Gary R. and Lisa R. Dickens to Timothy and Taeisha Donielle Tyson, 9749 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L2, Millers Glen Phase 4, $307,500.

Stephen A. and Tori R. Horton to Clinton D. and Tammy Goode, 11 Royal Court, Little Rock, L5, Rainwood II, $307,000.

Herman J. Smith Jr., and Kimberly Woody-Smith to Ye Il Kwon, 206 Marie Jeanne Drive, North Little Rock, L1594, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $300,000.

Katherine Sweere to Ami and Michael Nichelson, 2116 Westport Loop, Little Rock, L16, Westport Phase I, $299,900.

Tommy J. Lasiter Family Limited Partnership to Nicole and Paul Marconi, 905 Cherry Hill Drive, North Little Rock, L6 B72, Park Hill NLR, $289,900.

Robert T. and Elizabeth T. Shields to John Farris and Molly Frances Telford, 14507 Black Bear Drive, Little Rock, L7, Shaker Heights, $287,500.

ECS Homes, LLC to Keylon Wilbert, 121 Melville Drive, Maumelle, L8 B2, The Village Of New Bedford, $282,500.

William G. and Sherry B. Gresham and The Gresham Revocable Living Trust to Blue Rock, LLC, Pt. W/2 Section 24-1S-12W, $279,000.

Caitlin Ann Crag to Robinson Thanh-Long Luu and Hseng Ti-Wang, 12 Waterbury Court, Little Rock, L45, Westbury Phase II, $277,500.

Paul A. Carr to Timothy Jacob Ehli Jr., 1506 Alberta Drive, Little Rock, L107, Leawood Manor Second, $274,900.

Barbara A. Snell/Barbara A. Trahan and The Barbara A. Snell Revocable Trust to Jeffrey M. and Cynthia L. Westcott, 422 Valley Ranch Circle, Little Rock, L11, Ranch West Villas, $270,000.

Fiona Pham to Jason Erik and Kelcey Ann Katsar, 3601 Westshore Drive, Sherwood, L161, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $270,000.

Faulkner Meadows, LLC to Simply Charming Interiors, Inc., L10 B22, Park Hill NLR, $270,000.

Robert Louis and Carolyn Dianne Williams and The Robert And Carolyn Williams Revocable Trust to Heather Rhodes-Newburn, L106, Foxwood Phase V, $268,000.

Original Church Of God, Inc. to Roger C. and Shellie F. Thompson, L1R, Sarenson- Perry, $266,000.

Shannon Lynne Boshears to Lauren Ashley Kuhlmann, 108 Beaver Creek Lane, Maumelle, L17 B24, Maumelle Valley Estates, $261,500.

Jacob R. and Sarah M. Hudgins to Paul and Donna Becker, L104, North Ridge, $260,000.

Sharon W. Brogden to Robert E. and Susan M. Dunn, 1314 Hunters Cove Drive, Little Rock, L21, Hunters Cove, $260,000.

Rachael Lauren and Donald Andrew Phillips to Deanna Ashlea and Bobby Williams, 3015 Village East Drive, North Little Rock, L15, Village East, $260,000.

Linda B. Estes to Oddey J. and Lauren B. Posey, 22 Blue Mountain Drive, Maumelle, L39, Edgewater, $258,000.

Brandon M. Harralston and Keely S. Mozisek to Mary and Julius M. Butler, 114 Calais Drive, Maumelle, L439, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $255,000.

Matthew and Heather A. Knef to Lindsey M. and Jacob K. Linna, 2 Forest Maple Court, Little Rock, L367, Pleasant View Phase VI-A, $250,500.

Jacob D. and Emily Raine to Faizan Cheema, 5111 Lee Ave., Little Rock, L6 B2, Pfeifer, $250,000.

Traci L. and Glynn Camba to Trishyonna Williams, 116 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L21 B22, Maulle Valley Estates, $250,000.

Kristin R. and William N. Fancher to Jordan Glass, 120 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L130, Bentley Court Phase IV, $247,000.

Lesbia A. Rodriguez and Kent L. Magaw to Dinella Griffin, 217 Congressional Circle, Little Rock, L153, Kenwood Estates Phase 3, $246,000.

Gary Don and Sandra Kay Welchman to Jeffrey Allen Hall and Nancy Joan Tell-Hall, 4 Summit Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L1 B1, Summit Ridge, $244,900.

John D. Kierstead and Stephanie Kierstead/Stephanie Swerdan to Josh and Zoey Crystal, 6 Cherryside Court, Little Rock, L28 B4, Cherry Creek, $244,500.

HAT Properties, LLC to Joan Lynn and John D. Jones Jr., L16 B3, Overbrook, $241,000.

Joyce M. Henderson to Linda B. and Linleigh Deanna Estes, 11 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, L4A, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $239,900.

James M. Hurley and The James M. Hurley Revocable Trust to Shawn Daniel, L61 B7, Cherry Creek, $239,000.

Mary J. Warren to Mark Wittig, 6939 Park Meadows Drive, Sherwood, L37 B2, Gap Creek, $236,000.

Brendan and Sarah Crawford to Charles and Karen Fullen, 227 Nantucket Loop, Maumelle, L4 B3, Villages At New Bedford Phase 2, $235,000.

Melton Alex Addington and The Estate Of Wilburn Melton Addington(dec'd) to Sarah D. VanDoorn and Ryan T. Wass, 2116 Center St., Little Rock, L10 B14, Fulton, $232,000.

Donnie Ray Wallis to Nicholas Starnes and Tammy L. Helms, 29 Ozark Drive, Maumelle, L274, Edgewater Phase II, $225,500.

Benn W. and Amanda Slikker to Stephen Lamont and Shirley Ann Hayes, 13 Brook Court, Maumelle, L21, Pleasantwood, $217,000.

James and Sheri Wiggins to Jared T. Gowen and Nicholas M. Kitchens, 2623 W. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, L6 B2, Ferndale, $216,000.

Michael Edward Turner, Scott Garrett Turner and The Turner Living Trust to Arthur C. Tank, Lot E B3, Shady Valley, $215,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Leo P. Kao and Jisun Park, 199 Deauville Drive, Maumelle, L232, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $215,000.

Willie J. Fields to Tyce Michelle Scroggins, 3001 Shady Side Drive, Sherwood, L100 B1, Woodruff Creek, $215,000.

Scott and Briana LaForte to Michelle Renee Espinoza, 7105 Northlake Drive, Jacksonville, L396, Northlake Phase IX, $215,000.

Cortney Elizabeth Herbst to RG Little Rock, Inc., L159, Point West Second, $215,000.

Rodrigo and Victoria Sanchez to Rizan Mohsin, 62 Summit Ridge Court, Little Rock, L9 B2, Summit Ridge, $215,000.

Curtis Ray Chase and Tammy Gale Chase/Tammy Gayle Chase to Karin S. Conradson, 11649 Rocky Point Court, Sherwood, L24 B1, Woodruff Creek, $214,900.

Londel Brown to Kate Thipaseuth, 18 Westfield Drive, Little Rock, L60, Westfield Phase I, $212,000.

Nathan R. and Samantha N. Ashley to Morgan M. and Lacey M. Hines, Tracts 5-6, Blue Hill, $210,000.

Robert D. Wright and The Robert D. Wright Revocable Trust to Mark Allen and Catherine Ann Vandyne, 1902 Hasbrook Court, North Little Rock, L7 B5, Summerwood, $205,000.

SFR3-020, LLC to Christopher A. and Laci M. Detar, 1 Stanwood Loop, North Little Rock, L1, Stanwood, $205,000.

Susan L. and Rory Louis Odom to Edward H. and Shirley A. Epperson and The Epperson Family Trust, 13 Pennwood Drive, Sherwood, L7, Penny's Replat- Pennwood, $205,000.

Blakely and Katherine Pizan to Jake Chatman and Sara Coker, 37 Thornhill Drive, Sherwood, L6 B4, Oakbrooke Phase II, $204,000.

HPA Properties, LLC to Heide Harrell, 13110 Teton Drive, Little Rock, L13, Point West Fifth, $201,000.

Sun Ug and Jung Sug Choh to Christina Choh, 105 Winnwood Road, Little Rock, L411, Kingwood Place, $200,000.

Winston Sizemore to H. G. Investments Of NEA, LLC, 317 S. Pine St., Little Rock, L10 B87, Plateau, $200,000.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Stephen Bell, Unit 310, Riviera HPR, $195,000.

Dallas Westin Yarnell/Dallas W. Andersen and Aaron Scott Jenkins to Margaret J. Finger, 4 Iowa Circle, Little Rock, L113, Sheraton Park, $195,000.

Gregory Keith and Amina Rae Reeder to Rachel Wilkinson and Jonathan Deshawn Daniels, 4 Lendl Loop, Little Rock, L505, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-B, $195,000.

David A. and Jennifer L. Brown to James Walter and Holly F. Ruddy, 11700 Ridgetop Drive, Sherwood, L70 B1, Woodruff Creek, $193,750.

Cole and Sarah Beth Terry to Teresa Jane Walker, 1402 Pickering Drive, Little Rock, L30, Pleasantree Fourth, $193,000.

Jeremy and Meagan Booe to Timothy Christian and Lauren Elizabeth Lang, L8 B3, Lakewood Valley, $192,500.

David P. O'Neal and Elizabeth L. Smitherman to Claudia J. Gravett, L211, West Pointe, $190,000.

Debra Wood to Samuel McCoy and Abigail Peters, 3801 Beaird Lane, Little Rock, Pt. Section 29-1S-12W, $189,000.

David H. Taketa to Patrick M. Lear Jr., and Amy Leary, 5 Eagle Point Drive, Sherwood, L3, Turtle Creek Phase I, $188,000.

Kody M. and Jada Price to Grace Sharpe, 8209 Easy St., Sherwood, L6, Indian Ridge Phase II, $186,000.

Juliane Henderson Chavis and The Ralph Bernard Henderson Revocable Trust to Joseph Delgado, 418 Johnson St., Little Rock, Ls9-10 B6, CS Stifft, $186,000.

ZDT Enterprises, LLC to E-Steps Investors, LLC, 5819 & 5821 F St., Little Rock, L2R B22, Lincoln Park Replat, $185,000.

Oddey John and Lauren Brooke Posey to Andrew Michael and Raven Roberson, 14308 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L11 B3, Sandpiper West, $184,000.

Hayley J. Blackwood/Haley J. Reed to Evan and Jessica Brown, 11 Painted Turtle Cove, Little Rock, L75, Turtle Creek, $183,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Travis B. and Christie P. Moon, L30 B1, Bear Paw Phase III, $180,450.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Greg Louis Hauf/Gregory Louis Hauf and Courtney M. McEuen, 1921 Aztec Drive, North Little Rock, L9 B31, Indian Hills, $180,000.

JADD White Properties, LLC to Seneca Enterprises, LLC, Pt. NE 33-4N-10W, $180,000.

Freda Nunez and The Freda Nunez Revocable Trust to Kelly G. Perritt, 23 Colony Road, Little Rock, L165, Colony West Second, $180,000.

Larry T. and Timmy Lynn Munn to Old School Cars, LLC, Pt. NW SE 4-2N-11W, $180,000.

Joshua Childress/Josh Childress and Brandi Childress to Patre D. Williams, 4906 Arlington Drive, North Little Rock, L14 B13, Lakewood, $180,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to DunYell Olive, 22 Avant Garde Drive, Little Rock, L26, Wisteria, $176,750.

Danielle N. Kennedy/Danielle N. Spratt to Emanuel Rangel, 610 Ridgelea Ave., Sherwood, L3, Sherer Place, $175,000.

Rajbir Singh and Sunpreet Kaur to Patrick Wyman Thames, 5416 N. Vine St., North Little Rock, L22 B7, Pike View, $175,000.

Barbara D. Dupriest to KKL Investments, LLC, L449, Pleasant View Phase VII-A, $174,200.

Mary J. Dollins to Donald W. and Patsy J. Morrison, L11 B65, Lakewood, $174,000.

New Dawn Realty, LLC to Apollo Lowe, 1901 Wolfe St., Little Rock, Pt. Blk. 4, Gelming And Bradford, $170,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Ayanna Williams and Devyan Ramon Henderson, 20 Avant Garde Drive, Little Rock, L27, Wisteria, $169,775.

Stephen Christopher Newson to Isaiah Members, 2912 Jadestone Drive, Sherwood, L111, Sandalwood Phase II, $169,000.

Brent A. and Mindy Bixler to Andrew and Elizabeth Estes, 6 Red Birch Cove, Little Rock, L265, Pleasant View Phase V, $169,000.

Lexon Investments, LLC to Jordan Arrington, 3719 W. Sixth St., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B4, Heisman, $167,000.

BJR Group, Inc. to Joshua and Mariah Skaggs, L16 B1, Autumnbrook Annex, $165,000.

Claire Caldwell to Erick and Tamara Gotham, 9924 Echo Valley Court, Little Rock, L25, Echo Valley First, $163,150.

Elizabeth I. and Brian J. Burke to BSTW Properties, LLC, L23 B33, Indian Hills, $162,500.

Diamante Development Corp. to Candace L. Bankston, 4800 N. Vine St., North Little Rock, L44 B64, Park Hill NLR, $160,000.

Mary Esther Jones Tucker/Mary Esther Jones Balendko to John Christian Wren, 1507 Jennifer Drive, Little Rock, L91, Marlowe Manor Phase I, $160,000.

PPH Properties, LLC to Christopher N. Venable and Ramsey A. Robinson, 707 Crestwood Road, North Little Rock, L5 B14, Lakewood, $155,000.

Alexis Toler/Alexis Johnson to Leon W. Voltz Jr., 12909 Faulkner Crossing Drive, North Little Rock, L370, Faulkner Crossing Phase 7, $153,000.

Bobby Landon and Melanie Kathleen Kramer to Man Jiang and Minh Quang Deip, L46 B66, Lakewood, $150,000.

Fujiko Anazawa/Fujiko Gorski to Stephen Swofford, 1220 S. Taylor St., Little Rock, Ls4-5 B4, Oak Forest, $150,000.

Paul Dillon, LLC to Spencer D. Stricklen, 2 Whispering Drive, Alexander, L5, Whispering Hills, $150,000.


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