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OPINION | WALLY HALL: Hug your loved ones today

by Wally Hall | June 19, 2021 at 12:32 p.m.

This was an emotionally difficult week so this is a personal blog instead of sports.

Last Monday a friend, Richard Turbeville, died.

Our lunch bunch had a send off for him on Thursday.

On Friday we had a memorial service for my sister, who died from cancer exactly a year earlier and because of covid only her daughter, Tammy Hatfield, and grandaughter, Sklylar Hill, could visit her.

They were with her 24-7 the last 10 days.

My sister, Sue Fisher, was the sweetest person who ever walked the earth. Zero enemies and everyone was a friend.

She and my youngest sister were best friends so it was really hard on Lola Hall.

On the same day though, as requested years ago, we spread the ashes of her son, Brent Fisher and her husband Frank Fisher.

Tammy and Skylar did a beautiful job.

It was deeply touching and we had barely gotten home when I got the news that a young man who was part of a group I mentored for six years had died too.

He’s the second one I’ve lost.

Sometimes you feel really mortal and that sometimes is now for me.

It is just part of life and I’m definitely not asking for sympathy.

In fact, I have only one request today, hug someone you love while you can.


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