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PATENTS AWARDED March 7, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

Patents awarded to Arkansans March 2, 2021 Patent 10,932,504 B1. Garment Management Apparatus. Issued to Tyrus D. Gillam of Maumelle. Assigned to Short Kut Inc. of Little Rock.

Patent 10,932,720 B2. Smart Materials, Dry Textile Sensors, and Electronics Integration in Clothing, Bed Sheets, and Pillow Cases for Neurological, Cardiac and/or Pulmonary Monitoring. Issued to Vijay K. Varadan of Fayetteville. Assigned to Nanowear Inc. of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Patent 10,933,184 B2. Dialysate Free Artificial Kidney Device. Issued to Jamie Allen Hestekin, Christa Noel Hestekin and Sadia Ali Paracha, all of Fayetteville, and Grace Ann C. Morrison of Springdale. Assigned to US Kidney Research Corp. of Roseville, Calif.

Patent 10,933,514 B1. Device for Protecting the Hand When Gripping Objects. Issued to Simeon E. Tiefel of Siloam Springs, Michael J. Goldman of Delran, N.J., and Mark A. Adkins of East Brunswick, N.J. Assigned to Doozi LLC of Burlington, N.J.

Patent 10,934,094 B2. Movable Platform with a Mechanical Lift Brake Assembly. Issued to Seth Galewyrick, Patrick Sullivan and Mark Bradley, all of Fort Smith. Assigned to Innovative Logistics Inc. of Fort Smith.

Patent 10,935,338 B1. Firearm Recoil Compensating System. Issued to Daniel Joseph Kunau of Paragould.

Patent 10,936,995 B2. Systems and Methods for Determining Products That Were Mis-shipped and/or Improperly Invoiced or Uninvoiced to a Retail Store. Issued to Greg A. Bryan of Centerton; Benjamin D. Enssle and David B. Bright-well, both of Bella Vista, and Cristy C. Brooks of Cassville, Mo. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 10,937,024 B2. System and Method for a Distributed Adjustment System. Issued to Douglas Jahe Ryner and David Martin Nelms, both of Rogers. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

Patent 10,939,555 B2. Grid Array Connector System. Issued to Brian Keith Lloyd, Bruce Reed and Gregory Walz, all of Maumelle; Colby Waggener of Little Rock, and Chitaou Tsai of Chandler, Ariz. Assigned to Molex LLC of Lisle, Ill.

Patent D912,138 S. Bible. Issued to Christi Kay Wallace-Slaton and Jeanette Isabelle McIntyre, both of Siloam Springs. Assigned to Dayspring Cards Inc. of Siloam Springs.



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