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Each day brings more color

by Janet Carson | March 29, 2021 at 9:02 a.m.

Each day brings something new in bloom in the garden. It is like Christmas morning getting to see what my new gift is. I have also been surprised and gratified to see some "dead" plants coming back to life--how appropriate for Easter week! I have a lot of new foliage and blooms coming on my loropetalum.

The deciduous azaleas are almost in peak bloom

and my rhododendron has the most flower buds ever! It should be spectacular later this week.

Kerria is adding a splash of yellow in the shade garden,

and I have had some of the most interesting daffodil flowers from a new collection I planted.

Patience is being rewarded on many plants, but not everything has started moving yet. I am getting sprouts down low on the figs, but nothing on top-although I see some green in the wood, I am not hopeful. The gardenias are starting to put on new leaves up top on most of my plants, so fingers are crossed. Hydrangeas have seemingly no damage, and I am starting to get quite a few open azalea flowers with many more to come.

This is Easter week, so of course another cold snap is coming through. I have heard everything from low to mid 30's for us in central Arkansas, and colder up north. This morning there was a bit of frost on roofs in our neighborhood. Surely Mother Nature won't hit us just when we are seeing so many positive signs of life--but pay attention. I have seen tons of tomatoes moving out of stores (way too early!) and tropical flowers are popping up at garden centers. Mid April is the earliest I recommend heat loving flowers and vegetables--so just be patient--or you may have to replant.

Enjoy spring and all it's vagaries and color. Happy Gardening!


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