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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Opposing opinions | Need a better thesis | Should help in India

May 1, 2021 at 7:57 a.m.

Opposing opinions

My laughter rang out loud and clear as I read two of the letters in the opinion section of Wednesday's paper.

One letter from John Emmons claimed that this year's legislative session was one of the best sessions ever. Another letter from LeMoyne Jones states that the session had one of the worst group of legislators ever.

As this is being written, laughter rings throughout my breakfast nook. Now for the "funny papers."

Hang around. Just as the weather, opinions will change. This is Arkansas.



Need a better thesis

So many topics, so many letters to write, but thanks to Dana D. Kelley, et al., for an easy target.

In Friday's column he writes, "higher taxes on corporations and the uber-wealthy individuals who control them is typically passed on indirectly to consumers in the form of higher prices." That might be a valid argument if we had seen lower prices as the result of the massive tax cut passed during the previous administration. Even someone not well-versed in economics knows that most of the wealth in our nation has little to no effect on consumer prices.

The wealthy will need better arguments than this for not paying their fair share.


Little Rock

Should help in India

I have been reading about all the infections in India. I have been wondering why all the senior executives of Indian descent who are multi-multi-millionaires with high-tech companies like Microsoft and Google, etc., have not stepped up sooner to help India. These companies, like many others, have major operations and call centers in India. If Tyson can inoculate its plant employees, why haven't these executives and these companies not done the same for their India-based employees?

They have the funds and the connections and I am sure could have obtained the vaccines and set up operations to help their Indian employees and their families.


Mountain Home


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