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OPINION | EDITORIAL: The right pace

May 3, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

When you're running a marathon or any other long-distance race, pacing is important. You can typically spot the rookies by who takes off running full speed at the start. When you've got 26 miles ahead (or less), you don't burn all your energy at the beginning.

In dealing with the vaccine rollout, the pace has been promising across America. More than half the country has received at least one shot. But in Arkansas, it's starting to look like the pace is slowing. Here's more from the papers:

"As the pace of coronavirus vaccinations in Arkansas continues to show signs of slowing, a state official said Wednesday that Arkansas likely will order less than its full allocation of vaccine from the federal government next week for the second week in a row."

Recent numbers show Arkansas has given at least one shot to around one million residents. That's nothing to sneeze at. But it's also far from the finish line.

It seems like every week the CDC unveils some new normal aspect of life vaccinated folks can partake in once more. And if our goal as a country (or state) is to get where everyone can safely attend Fourth of July celebrations, then this is no time to slow down.

The supply is plentiful. Anyone 16 and over who wants a shot can go get one. So make an appointment, roll up your sleeve, and put covid-19 in the rear-view mirror. This is how we eventually win. But the race isn't over yet.


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