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Super Quiz: Geography

May 7, 2021 at 1:33 a.m.
  1. Basque separatists desire independence from which country?

  2. Mount Everest is located along the border of which two countries?

  3. Gibraltar is controlled by which country?

  4. New Providence, Andros and San Salvador are islands that make up part of which country?

  5. What is the official language of Austria?

  6. What is the only English-speaking country in Central America?

  7. The Nordic Council is composed of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and which other country?

  8. Which river runs through the largest number of countries?

  9. Denmark is located largely on which peninsula?


  1. Spain

  2. Nepal and China

  3. The United Kingdom

  4. Bahamas

  5. German

  6. Belize

  7. Iceland

  8. Danube River

  9. Jutland Peninsula


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