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Real estate transactions

May 9, 2021 at 2:15 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded April 12-April 16:

Maple Holdings, LLC to Arkansas Municipal League, All Blk. A, Hudson, $2,250,000.

Charles R. and Sara A. Beshenich and The Beshenich Family Revocable Trust to Michael and Olivia Enderlin, 6 Bretagne Circle, Little Rock, L3 B10, Chenal Valley, $950,000.

Lamay-O, Inc. and Martin Signature Homes to Srikant Das, 17 Bella Rosa Court, Little Rock, L8, Bella Rosa Estates, $790,000.

Jon W. and Robun D. DeLaHoussaye to KHPM, LLC, 119 Turtle Creek Cove, Maumelle, L19, Turtle Creek Cove, $765,000.

MJ International, LLC to Stark Investment, LLC, 120 Marshall Road, Jacksonville, Pt. SE SE 24-3N-11W, $765,000.

Jasen Cheng and Thuy Hoang Chi to Chris and Jaime Coleman, 74 Bellegarde Drive, Little Rock, L56 B36, Chenal Valley, $677,000.

Danielle Litaker-Nall and The KOLP Irrevocable Trust to Richardson Properties, LLC, Pt. SE NE 16-1N-13W, $660,000.

Donna K. Warmack and Shelly Hyson-Warmack to Davy and Shelley Thompson, 204 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock, L12 B102, Chenal Valley, $651,000.

City Of Bryant, AR Municipal Property Owners Multipurpose Improvement District No.84 (Midtown Project) to NXT Gen Homes, LLC, Pt. SE NE, Pt. SW SE, Pt. SE SE & Pt. NE SE 9-1S-14W (Saline County), $643,855.

Jim and Sherry Ort to Carl D. Hull, Stacy Hull, Sandra T. Hull and The Sandra T. Hull Revocable Trust, 8509 Stream Drive, Alexander, Ls15-16, Lakeside Mountain (formerly: The Farm), $599,000.

John R. and Kay Tatum to Jefferson D. and Theresa M. Stalnake, 315 Rock St., No. 1410, Little Rock, Unit 1410, River Market HPR, $580,000.

King Of Kings Evangelical Lutheran Church to 13525WM, LLC, L2A, Evergreen Farm, $575,000.

Arkansas Group Of C Stores No. 2, LLC to Golap K. Talukdar, 2910 E. Broadway St., Little Rock, Lot A B3, John L. Baldwin, $495,154.

Homes By Hesley, Inc. to Melinda W. and David Lewis Rose, 809 Carbondale Drive, Little Rock, L19, Glenwood Springs Phases I & II, (Saline County) $489,400.

L&J Construction & Design, LLC to Kamarious Butler, 124 Dove Creek Court, Little Rock, L3 B19, Woodlands Edge, $465,500.

Goose Investments, LLC to Robert Bruce and Shannon Elizabeth McMath, 24 Belles Fleurs Circle, Little Rock, L43, Belles Fleurs, $455,000.

Robert B. and Melissa D. Casper to Mitesh Kumar and Sneha Sitaram Patel, 32 Auriel Drive, Little Rock, L15 B36, Chenal Valley, $455,000.

Shannon and Shawne Swindler Leach and The Shannon And Shawne Leach Trust to Kenneth and Angela Gilkey, L114RR, The Ranch Replat, $441,000.

H. G. Spradlin to Ericka E. Miller, 924 N. Polk St., Little Rock, L1 B14, Hollenberg, $440,000.

Mary Frances Branton to Lizette and Michael Wylie II., Pt. SW NE 3-1S-13W, $440,000.

Haybar Properties, LLC to Submission Holdings, LLC, 804 S. Izard St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B248, Original City Of Little Rock, $435,000.

Patrick Dennis to John Phillip Helms and Evelyn Celeste Farrell, 2 Cimarron Valley Drive, Little Rock, L19 B33, Pleasant Valley, $425,000.

Anthony Edward and Denise Marie Wilson and The Wilson Rose Family Trust to Robert B. and Melissa D. Casper, L16, Riverbend On The Arkansas Replat- Riverview Luxury Townhouses, $410,000.

RLBM Management, LLC to Anthony E. and Denise Wilson, 3700 Cantrell Road, Unit 601, Little Rock, Unit 601, The Riviera HPR, $400,000.

Keith A. and Pamela D. Futch to Brent and Lindsey Ashcraft, 11575 Crystal Bay Circle, North Little Rock, L11, Riverbend On The Arkansas Replat- Riverview Luxury Townhouses, $399,900.

Tim and Jill Ballard to Cassandra Thomas, 1818 Wellington Woods Drive, Little Rock, L4 B12, The Villages Of Wellington, $388,000.

Jefferson D. and Theresa M. Stalnaker to Cathy Dickinson, 315 Rock St., Unit 1406, Little Rock, Unit 1406, River Market Tower HPR, $376,500.

Janan Kemp Honeysuckle and The Janan Kemp Honeysuckle Revocable Trust to Linda Gail Glenn and William Cottrell, Unit 1, River Hills HPR 1, $375,000.

Michelle O'Hagan and Brent E. Tyrell Revocable Trust to Steven Christopher and Penny Gayle Thomason, 7110 Morgan Cemetery Road, Little Rock, Pt. NE NW 16-2N-14W, $375,000.

Kutommade Properties, LLC to Valarie A. Sherrill, 1317 S. Summit St., Little Rock, L5 B8, Centennial, $362,500.

Darrell and Felicia Walker to Sophia Sharon Anderson, Taylor Anderson, Peter Wayne Moschel and Debora Kay Moschel, 16122 Patriot Drive, Little Rock, L6 B6, Hickory Ridge Phase III, $355,000.

EM Builders, LLC to Jonathan and Veronica Lama, 150 Ridgeview Trail, Maumelle, L14 B2, Ridgeview Trails Phase I, $354,519.

Scott A. and Margaret A. Campbell to Cherylin Mays, 1514 Lost Creek Drive, Jacksonville, Ls19-20, Lost Creek Estates Phase I, $347,500.

Kyle Holmes to Matthew T. and Tara Cobb, 6 Talmont Place, Little Rock, L12 B65, Chenal Valley, $340,000.

Richelle and Jason J. Moen to Jason L. and Sara E. Kunau, 119 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle, L8 B20, Maumelle Valley Estates, $334,900.

JADD White Properties, LLC to C. & D. Steel Erectors, Inc., Pt. NE NE 33-4N-10W, $320,000.

Dickey Family Homes, LLC to John Martin and Cheryl Ann Giblin, 1103 Tahoe Drive, Maumelle, L20 B27, Maumelle Valley Estates, $319,800.

Supreet Momi and Kaylyn Ray to Kulwinder Kaur, 8301 Sapphire Cove, Sherwood, L20 B12, Stonehill Phase V, $316,000.

Valerie J. Moran and The Suzanne Kellar McCarty Revocable Trust to Thomas R. and Carla M. Major, L15, Carter Oaks, $311,000.

Victor and Teresa French Coleman to Jill S. Ballard, 900 Saint Michael Place, Little Rock, L654, St. Charles, $295,000.

Cameron T. Hunter and Reshunda L. Nellums/Reshunda L. Hunter to Carson Wheat, 18708 Lochridge Drive, Little Rock, L97, Lochridge Estates, $292,000.

Jan Pickens Metts and The Janelle Pickens Metts Trust to Peggy J. and James A. Wilson III., 16 Belle River Circle, Maumelle, L41R, Belle River, $289,000.

Christopher and Alicia Waddell to Scott A. and Margaret A. Campbell, L406R, Northlake Phase XI Replat, $284,000.

Elisa L. Seitz to Jessica Bergren, 13410 Abinger Drive, Little Rock, L30, Hillsborough Phase I, $276,500.

Jo Elizabeth Halferty, Mary Janette Takewell and The Estate Of Mary G. Chronister to Stuart Arthur and Amanda Mary Elizabeth McLendon, 4205 N. Hills Blvd., North Little Rock, L39 B48, Lakewood, $275,800.

Fitzhugh Construction, Inc. to Lucetta Jordan, L131, Kenwood Estates Phase 5, $275,500.

BGRS Relocation, Inc. to Jerry T. and Catherine Dial, 2308 Gap Creek Drive, Sherwood, L5 B5, Glenn Hills, $275,000.

Cristina Tobon to BGRS Relocation, Inc., L5 B5, Glenn Hills, $275,000.

Waterview Estates Phase III, LLC to Nancy Hornaday, L52 B1, Waterview Estates Phase III, $275,000.

Eric J. and Deborah Riedy to Melvin D. and Angeria Graves, 22 Eagle Nest Court, Little Rock, L811R, The Hills Phase II- Otter Creek Community, $273,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Matthew D. Tilley and Holly Roseanne North, 1 Carnahan Court, Maumelle, L56, Carnahan Village, $266,800.

Michelle A. R. and Eric M. Bell to Erin and Tyler Gerler, 1001 Sussix Loop, Sherwood, L56, Village East, $266,500.

Bradley and Stacy Schmitt to Jason J. Chandler, 117 Chambord Drive, Maumelle, L40, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $264,900.

Carroll S. Douglas to Elijah D. Jones and Faithe Abigail Snyder, 14212 Westbury Drive, Little Rock, L11, Westbury Phase I, $263,500.

John W. and Judith A. Stewart and The John W. Stewart And Judith A. Stewart Revocable Trust to Bingham Jacob and Valerie Gayle Bouwhuis, 7908 Coleridge Drive, North Little Rock, L29 B4, Windsor Valley, $261,000.

Doyle E. and Jean C. Mross to Edson Abrao Filho and Stephanie Abrao, Pt. S/2 NW SW 23 3N-16W, $260,000.

Betty Roberts Roetzel to Minutemen REI, LLC, 3900 Lakeview Road, North Little Rock, L56 B203, Park Hill NLR, $255,000.

Maumelle Big Box, LLC to Splash Maumelle EOL, LLC, 117 Audubon Drive, Maumelle, Lot C-18, Maumelle Town Center, $250,250.

1201 Garland Trust to Kayla Lynn Peery and Jean Piere Franco Leon Chavez, 1201 Garland Ave., North Little Rock, L16 B3, Park Hill, $250,000.

Pet Rub Roads, LLC to Chris Olsen, Pt. NW 29-4N-10W, $250,000.

Lisa Duke to Richard Harp Homes, Inc., L3, Valley Falls Estates Phase I, $250,000.

Tammy Johnson to Michael Chisena, 600 Skyline Drive, North Little Rock, L45 B107, Park Hill NLR Replat, $249,424.

Edwin Charles and Judith L. Knouse to Maria Ohnemus and Robert J. Whitt, 6 Greeson Cove, Maumelle, L365, Edgewater Phase II, $245,000.

Allison Commercial Properties, LLC to Karen Elizabeth Whitehead and Linda Jean Lockwood, Unit 805, 300 Third HPR, $240,000.

Joseph and Lydia Cole to Daniel Ryan and Sarah Razer Carnahan, 10893 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock, L67 B3, Walton Heights, $240,000.

Clarence and Laconda T. Watson to Gregory Raynard Nichols Jr., 705 Quince Hill Road, Jacksonville, L4, Small Oaks, $240,000.

James Ryan and Melissa Joy O'Dell to Enes and Hediye Erdin, 8 Worthington Court, Little Rock, L32, Westbury Phase II, $240,000.

Randy D. and Nedra Sharp and The Randy And Nedra Sharp Living Revocable Trust Agreement to Gary and Sandra Welchman, 131 Pleasantwood Drive, Maumelle, L48, Pleasantwood, $238,000.

CSW, LLC and The Willis R. Smith Revocable Trust to 2410 Pike Avenue, LLC, 2323 N. Arthur St., Little Rock, L13 B7, Altheimer, $237,500.

Jennifer Carman to Amanda Claire Curcio, 2315 S. Summit St., Little Rock, Ls4-5 B6, Oak Terrace, $231,500.

Victoria Brooke Andrews and The Hudson Family Living Trust to Ronnie W. and Helen J. McCormick, Pt. S/2 NE & Pt. N/2 SE 30-1N-14W, $225,000.

Rickey L. and Tamra L. Tilley to Jeffrey Reed, 8400 Louwanda Drive, Little Rock, L8, Wingfield, $220,000.

Clay and Lauren Spikes to James Fields, Pt. NW NW 8-3N-15W, $220,000.

Lezlie Anne Young and Larry S. Sammons to Tristin Wellmeyer and Ryan Berry, 7413 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock, L12 B49, Indian Hills, $218,000.

Jake and Kelsey Knight to The Carmen Jones Trust, L1153, Sologne- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XVII, $217,500.

Royal Concepts Custom Homes, Inc. to Barbara and Lonnie Cooper Jr., 5216 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L17, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $216,500.

Patricia Ann Bryant and The Estate Of Donald Ray Brooks(dec'd) to Boaz Tjhin and Ester Ng, L9R B13, Cherry Creek, $216,500.

Creek View, LLC to Madigo, LLC, 6313 Geyer Springs Road, Little Rock, L1, Star Section A Replat- Leigh Butler Acres, $215,000.

Wayne Moore Construction Company to Steven W. Jones and The Steven W. Jones Revocable Trust, L12B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $211,406.

Dennis A. and Lauryn E. Dorrance to Amanda Ray and Kevin Wayne Keaton, 1509 Osage Drive, North Little Rock, L16 B47, Indian Hills, $211,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Robert A. and Amanda Lee Murphy, L32 B98, Chenal Valley- Varennes Court, $210,000.

Sarah Latham to Madeline Susan Awtrey, 2204 Clapboard Hill, Little Rock, L112, Sturbridge Phase II, $208,000.

Barbara Cole to Tawanna Freeman-Harris and Labon Harris III., 1 Nickel Cove, Alexander, L6, Little North Fork, $203,000.

Joel R. Richardson to Brennan and Keri Bosley, L196, Kingwood Place, $201,000.

Bolin Belles to America Gonzalez-Cruz, 9209 Wilhite Lane, Sherwood, L11, Hearndon, $200,000.

Patricia Owings, Frank Owings, John Childs III., and Anne Childs to North Street Blue, LLC, 1400 North St., Little Rock, Ls11-16 B360, Original City Of Little Rock, $200,000.

William Clark and Mallory Clark/Mallory Williamson to Devon J. and Alan K. Carlson II., 1920 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock, L46, Sheraton Park Section B, $199,000.

Rhonda K. and Charles Frank Mullins Jr., to Jeffrey W. and Kelley R. Foster, L39 B62, Indian Hills, $190,000.

Joel Graddy and Feather Nicole Linn to Terri Bresnahan Nordin, 304 Mountain Terrace Circle, Condo 13D, Maumelle, L13D, Mountain Terace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $189,900.

Joel Graddy and Feather Nicole Linn and The Joel And Feather Linn Family Trust to Terri Bresnahan Nordin, 304 Mountain Terrace Circle, Condo 13D, Maumelle, L13D, Mountain Terace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $189,900.

Daniel Carnahan and Sarah Razer Carnahan/Sarah Razer to Anne Hankins, 1415 Pine Valley Road, Little Rock, L13, Kingwood Place, $185,000.

Matthew T. and Tara Cobb to Matthew T. Williams, 820 Parkway Place Drive, Little Rock, L13 B3, Cedar Ridge, $185,000.

Jeremiah E. and Tiffany A. Dodson to Leah A. Reedy, 505 Ricky Raccoon Drive, Jacksonville, L49, Northlake Phase I, $182,000.

Michael W. Bryant to Casey Denby, 6911 West 42nd St., Little Rock, N/2 Blk. 16, Oak Park Annex; L1, Shoppach- Oak Park Annex; L37, West Acres, $180,000.

Colton Fultz to Matthew Lawton, L7 B1, CS Stifft, $180,000.

Lauren B. Farley to Christopher D. Cockrell, 6212 Tall Chief Drive, North Little Rock, L9 B16, Indian Hills, $180,000.

Rene Nauman to Crystal H. and Bradley Edward Kohanke, 2805 Foxcroft Road, Condo 302, Little Rock, Apt. 302, Foxcroft Square HPR, $180,000.

Zackery D. Carrow and Andrea Young-Carrow to Ryan J. Brooks and Ana Orellana-Mejia, 2600 Creekside Drive, Little Rock, L30, Sandpiper Creek, $179,000.

DGA Properties, LLC to Cydney Fullen and The CF Investment Trust, L19, Wilton Heights, $177,500.

Janis V. Moseley and The Janis V. Moseley Revocable Living Trust to Ruben and Roxanne Pauline Garcia, L5, Muench Replat- Pleasant Hill, $175,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Porshia Roby, 17 Avant Garde Drive, Little Rock, L67, Wisteria, $173,995.

Jackie Weaver Nelson and Oswald Claude Sparks to Lauren Sparks, 6409 White Oak Way, North Little Rock, L218, Trammel Estates Phase II, $171,950.

Brian Anthony and Caitlin Bevilacqua to Nathan Lamar Turner, 11016 Denton Road, Sherwood, L3 B3, Bear Paw Phase I, $170,250.

Marco T. and Christine Henagen to Rahimi and Shoccara Webb, 27 Rosewall Lane, Little Rock, L11, Otter Creek Phase 11, $170,000.

Roy P. and Sandra M. Smith to Claudia Casillas and Juan Carlos Martinez, 16 Bertwood Drive, Little Rock, L86, Briarwood, $170,000.

Fiser Properties, LLC to Stephanie Donaldson Fox, 921 N. Bryan St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B14, Success, $170,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Lashawna L. Heard, 23 Avant Garde Drive, Little Rock, L70, Wisteria, $166,515.

Ishaq M. Filat, Kolizar A. Filat, Sueha M. Filat-Alami, Wael Alami, Mona Filat Khairi and Amjad El-Khairi to Arletha Latasha Leavy, 900 Shall Court, Jacksonville, L11, Lessel Estates $166,500.

Iyad M. Filat and Zakeyieh Muhammad Dissi Filat to Arletha Latasha Leavy, 900 Shall Court, Jacksonville, L11, Lessel Estates, $166,500.

Michael Sobba and The Michael Sobba Revocable Trust to Laura and Charles W. Winer II., 112 Chickasaw Place, Jacksonville, L3 B8, Northwood Acres, $160,500.

Mark A. and Diana A. Johnson to Laluren Maynard and Adrian Lopez, 11620 Ashwood Drive, Little Rock, L163, Birchwood, $160,000.

Charles A. Hays Jr., and The Charles A. Hays Jr., And Gladys Ann Hays Joint Revocable Trust to Miles McDonnell and Wayne Enterprises Trust, 1420 Rockwater Lane, North Little Rock, L30, Rockwater Village Phase 2, $160,000.

Prestige Homes & More, LLC to Brianna Rodriguez and Jordan Michael Williams, 7 Minnequa Place, Sherwood, L221, Indianhead Lakes Estate Section B Replat 2, $160,000.

Glenda M. Evans to Melissa Kaye and Bryan Catlett, 6 Ridgewood Drive, Sherwood, L21, Woodridge, $160,000.

Sharon Hewitt and Sharon Howerton to Samantha Kaye Cameron, 114 Sugar Maple Drive, Sherwood, L20 B2, Sherwood North, $156,500.

REI Nation, LLC to Austin G. Fowler, 2715 Elkhart Drive, Little Rock, L2 B1, Elkhart, $155,000.

Robin L. Gibbs to Wendy Potter, 9822 Merlot Lane, North Little Rock, L24, The Villages At Merlot Lane, $155,000.

Jason and Sherry Elizabeth Dunlap to Courtney Piggee, 6305 Shady Brook Drive, Little Rock, L6, Shady Brook, $155,000.

Matthew R. and Riley E. Hill to Abraham Collier Jr., 3 Prospect Trail, North Little Rock, L1, White Oak Village, $153,500.

Regina Lynn Young to Adriana Garcia Mondragon, 14900 Sailor Lane, Little Rock, Pt. SE SW 21-1S-12W, $150,000.

Jason Stone to Frank J. Diffee and Taylor Danielle Savage, 15206 Jenny Lane, Little Rock, L8, Perry-Jo, $150,000.


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