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Super Quiz: Two Meanings

May 10, 2021 at 1:46 a.m.
  1. A Chinese boat. To dispose of something useless or old.

  2. A steel hand tool. To enter a document as an official record.

  3. A device for transferring liquids. To question persistently.

  4. A financial institution. To tilt an aircraft laterally in flight.

  5. The main ascending part of a plant. To restrain or stop.

  6. A female swan. To write something.

  7. A machine used for weaving cloth. To come into view indistinctly.

  8. A small branch with flowers on it, used for decoration. To disperse a liquid in a jet of droplets.

  9. A sheltered port. To secretly hold a feeling persistently in the mind.


  1. Junk

  2. File

  3. Pump

  4. Bank

  5. Stem

  6. Pen

  7. Loom

  8. Spray

  9. Harbor


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