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A busy, almost normal week

May 23, 2021 at 9:23 p.m.

This past week has been a whirl of activities. In addition to some serious gardening, weekly walks with Beth, we bought a new truck

(so I can haul more plants, and Clay can haul wood working things), our freezer died and we got a new one (bringing it home in the new truck) and we started to entertain more openly. My family and most of my friends have all been vaccinated, so we are finally able to get together again, face-to-face. While mask mandates are easing up, I for one, continue to wear one in public places--who knows who has and hasn't been vaccinated. I really don't mind it, and I would rather be safe than sorry. My friends and family are fully vaccinated, and we are finally hugging, and being together without masks. I have always loved being around people and huge gatherings, entertaining and being surrounded by people. Covid times were tough on me. While we haven't had any huge parties, we are taking baby steps and getting together in groups. For the past year, I was very cautious and followed the guidelines, but I never totally stopped seeing the folks in "my bubble" (immediate family and close friends) but we did wear masks around each other. If I had a friend or two to dinner, we spread out at the table, but now we can eat like normal and we are not wearing masks in our homes. Hallelujah!

Just this week, we had a family dinner to celebrate Kyle's birthday,

I had some cousins for dinner another night, and this weekend a barbeque of 9 people!

So much fun. Seems like old times.

Then today, I went and picked up my 25 pound box of peaches from the peach truck. They say they need to sit and soften for a few days, but they sure are pretty.

This coming week seems to be just as full. Life is slowly returning to normal


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