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Rain has made our gardens shine

May 23, 2021 at 7:25 p.m.

I took my own advice and bought a lot of plants early this year. With travel and rain, they all sat in their containers until I finally got most of them planted last week. I killed myself at the end of last week to plant as much as possible before the monsoons set in.

I was a bit overwhelmed by all that I had bought, but the garden looks pretty amazing, I have to say.

The rain really gave them a boost to get growing. It looks like they have been in the ground a lot longer than they have.

We finally got a break in the rain and I had a chance to actually work in the garden again. On Friday, the ground was still too wet, and I couldn't even mow, so I found other ways to occupy my time. On Saturday, I got to spend 5 full hours in the garden and wow, does it look good!

I got the entire yard mowed, weeded, and edged. I pruned out some more branches, planted the last few things I needed to get in the ground, and then I cleaned up all the spent pots--donating them to the MG program, and finally fertilized and watered that in today. I always have success in the front garden with Dragon wing begonias, but they are already huge this year and it is only May.

I can't imagine the size by the end of the season. The Aphrodite calycanthus continues to amaze me with its huge red blooms,

with even more on the way. Now if it just had some scent . . .

I am still as surprised as anyone that the big leaf hydrangeas sailed through last years polar explosion, and they did not get damaged.

They are opening up all over the garden. Mixed in with one is a rose campion to add to the color display.

I planted every last plant I had bought earlier this season, getting the seasonal color in the beds out front, the pots out front and all over the deck,

but I do still have a few empty pots on the deck,

so perhaps another plant adventure awaits!

The vegetable garden is coming along nicely as well. I have been harvesting some yellow squash. A few got a bit of fruit rot with all the rain, but I picked those off and threw them away and the rest look fine. I am seeing some small zucchini too, and I have loads of small tomatoes, but none near ripe yet. The blueberries

and blackberries are loaded as well, but harvest time is not near. My goumi berry (Eleagnus multiflora)

is stunning. It is absolutely loaded with tart red fruits.

I am searching for recipes, since I am not a big jelly fan. Robin would be so proud--he is the one who introduced me to this plant, and actually grew it from a cutting for me.

My itea is wrapping up, roses are blooming,

and so are the southern magnolias. I am starting to get a lot of color on my summer perennials as well.

Each day is like a new gift when I walk the garden. Life is grand!


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