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OPINION | WALLY HALL: It wasn't a Picasso, but Hogs take the win

by Wally Hall | November 14, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

Ed Orgeron was so proud of the blitz package LSU installed for the Arkansas Razorbacks on Friday that he motioned the SEC Network reporters into his office to watch it.

"They can't block us,' he boasted.

He was right, for a half, and Arkansas won in overtime 16-13.

In the second half, Arkansas quarterback KJ Jefferson broke free from four sacks and the Razorbacks outscored the home team in Death Valley 10-3. Both teams squandered scoring opportunities because of penalties and it ended up in overtime.

LSU won the toss, took the ball and drove to the Arkansas 9. On second and 8, Montaric Brown stepped in front of a pass in the end zone, and the Tigers' only overtime scoring threat was gone.

Arkansas lined up where Jefferson ran three consecutive times until he was on the 19 and near the middle of the field. True freshman Cam Little came in an kicked his third field goal of the game, this one a 37-yarder for the win.

One of the first things Sam Pittman said coming off the field was that it was ugly.

He has never been more right.

Yet, it's Orgeron out the door with a loss to a team he never respected or feared, even when he should have.

This is the guy who in 2019 said he wasn't worried about winning the Golden Boot or beating Arkansas.

The Tigers had bigger fish to fry.

They went undefeated and won the national championship, but now he's a lame duck and the Tigers have to win their final two games, including the season finale against Texas A&M to get bowl eligible.

Bowl eligible means nothing to Orgeron. His final day on the job is Dec. 15 when he will receive the first of several $2.5 million paychecks. He quit on his team for a $17 million buyout.

For Arkansas, it was another brick in the foundation that Pittman began building a season ago, although no one could have believed the Razorbacks would take it to overtime and get the win.

Arkansas' first half was almost awful.

Whatever the Razorbacks tried to dial up on offense, it was like a dropped call, or maybe a busy signal because the Tigers were swarming them on every down.

After three possessions the Hogs were averaging minus yards per play.

They had no answer for the Tigers' speed, which was the only reason they held a 10-3 lead at the half.

LSU had 136 yards of offense and 10 first downs at intermission and the Razorbacks -- are you sitting down? -- gave them three first downs with penalties.

The Tigers had to drive 37 yards for their first field goal, and a defensive holding call gave them a first and 10 at the UA 19.

Their touchdown came after a 37-yard punt put them at the Arkansas 40, and two plays later they scored on a 29-yard touchdown after the pass interference was declined.

So the Tigers finished the half with just 136 yards and Arkansas with 101, but 28 of those came on the final play.

Arkansas opened the game like it was going to be catch me if you can, at least for the first play.

After holding the Tigers to 5 yards on their first possession, Arkansas started at its own 48 where Jefferson hit tight end Blake Kern for 18 yards, but the drive immediately stalled and Little kicked a 48-yard field for a short-lived 3-0 lead.

The Razorbacks were much more prepared for the Tigers blitzes and incredible team speed in the second half when the offensive line allowed only one sack.

Arkansas had only 281 yards of total offense, 180 in the second half, but with the game on the line in overtime they did everything they needed to get a third conference win for the second consecutive season.


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