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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Why votes succeeded | And still no progress | Obsessed with Trump

November 16, 2021 at 2:00 a.m.

Why votes succeeded

There have been three local tax issues on the ballot in the last two months. Two of them passed easily with over 70 percent yes votes. One of these was for improved and additional school facilities, and the other was for library enhancement.

There was also a proposed 1 percent sales-tax increase launched by Mayor Frank Scott. It failed 62 percent to 38 percent.

The message rings loud and clear. Voters will favor motions for worthwhile, well-defined, and thoughtfully conceived ideas. They will strongly oppose one that has no specified use of the funds.


Little Rock

And still no progress

COP26 just concluded with the same meaningless blather as the first 25 meetings. It will continue in the same vein even after COP225. Don't worry, we will all be gone by then.

I believe I do know when it will result in meaningful actions, however: only when the world runs out of coal. Then will we see real progress, not a day before.


Hot Springs

Obsessed with Trump

It seems that people are constantly writing about Donald Trump. Why the obsession with him?

As I recall, we didn't have open borders and inflation problems during his term. We were not dependent on other countries for oil. A badass with a tweet is better than a dumbass with a pen.

Biden has canceled every positive thing that Trump did and I believe he is not concerned at all for the welfare of our country.


Little Rock

How about light bulb?

It looks like the Republican candidates for our top positions have already arranged who is going to hold each office.

How many Republican candidates does it take to make sure we have poor governance? Three?


Little Rock

Actions speak louder

My mamma always told me that actions speak louder than words. So I question why Donald Trump and his allies work so hard to keep their information from coming out. People who are truly honest would gladly hand over requested documents and be proud to show they are innocent of what they are being accused.

Based on my mamma's advice, it looks to me that the delaying tactics and other actions taken by Trump and his friends show a real lack of honesty. The American people (each and every one of us, not just Tom Cotton's idea of who Americans are) should know who encouraged and started the Jan. 6 insurrection.

It shouldn't be only the insurrectionists who go to jail; the instigators should go also.

One other word-versus-action I note is how Arkansas touts itself as being independent. However, I watch our Legislature walk lockstep with whatever the Republican/Trump party wants, regardless of the needs of Arkansas. I don't consider that independence. I consider it cowardice.

Since our Legislature is basically flipping its middle finger at the federal government, a real independent Legislature would say "no thanks" to the federal government's money. They didn't vote on it anyway, so apparently Arkansas does not need the money.

Actions speak louder than words.



Don't like board? Run

School boards have recently been unduly criticized for making covid-19 decisions on mask mandates, which some people don't like.

I believe if we let parents rather than school boards decide school policies, we are headed for mayhem.

Parents elect school boards to represent them, and then when the boards adopt a policy that they don't like, board members are sometimes physically threatened. Most school boards are unpaid and volunteer their time to work for better schools.

Parents who disagree with their decisions should run for the board themselves or find persons to run who will better represent their views.




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