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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Always more to story | Fear of the unknown | Will come eventually

November 17, 2021 at 3:22 a.m.

Always more to story

Regarding the opinion of Rep. Steve Womack in his guest column "More to the story" in Friday's edition: Yes, Steve, there is always "more to the story." But all of the funding is indeed going toward an "infrastructure bill."

Public transit systems are infrastructure, passenger rail expansion is infrastructure, and electric vehicle (charging) expansion is infrastructure. This bill has nothing to do with the Build Back Better plan. It is not "tethered" to anything.

This bill was passed and sent to the House of Representatives because the Senate recognized the need that this country has for these things, and they were not being influenced by the Build Back Better plan that is still floundering. There were 19 Senate Republicans that voted for it.

Yes, "it should have been better," and why did you not try to improve it? You had the opportunity. Thank God that 13 of your GOP colleagues recognized the value of the infrastructure bill.

Yes, Steve, there is "always more to the story." And that is ... the Republicans in the House appear to want to kill every bill that is proposed by Democrats regardless of the value to the American people.

Think independently, Steve.


Little Rock

Fear of the unknown

We shouldn’t be surprised by anything these days, but the renewed effort by some of my Republican friends to ban books did surprise me a bit. There is a push to not only remove books from school libraries, but in some cases even to burn books because they make people uncomfortable. Supporters of book-banning call some classic books pornographic, even when their only sin is presenting an uncomfortable viewpoint. There is an irrational fear of the unknown.

Most of my personal growth has happened when facing the uncomfortable. I know of kids who struggle with painful issues but find solace in literature showing they aren’t alone. Kids who have been abused can read about others who have moved beyond this pain to become successful. Kids who deal with drug problems benefit from hearing stories of others who have recovered. Kids can read about individuals who have overcome all kinds of obstacles.

While some complain that these books make people hate America because we are imperfect, I contend that loving America means we constantly strive to be better. Pointing out shortcomings and ways to overcome them is a sign of love.

The idea that we are again even talking about banning thought-provoking books is distressing.


Little Rock

Will come eventually

Everyone, take a chill pill. Karma catches up with everyone. It’s been said that if you live without shame before God, you aren’t living; you are taking a long time to die. Or a short time if you meet a vicious sociopath such as yourself. Sometimes, the deity seems to pit sociopath against sociopath. The survivor goes to prison for a long time.

Please, stop the hate! What goes around comes around. Karma comes for everyone.



Elimination of racism

Re racism: Whether one is white or Black or of any other race, it is hate and and should be totally eliminated. The disease of racism helps no one; it is a cancer. Symptoms are that people immediately refer to ethnicity before any facts are given. Politics are buried in it because it destroys arguments and open-minded critical thinking. Rely on what one hears, not what one is told, and remember that liars lie.



Against infrastructure

Please run an article informing Arkansans that our entire congressional delegation voted against the infrastructure bill that will give us billions of dollars for highways, bridges and many other needs. It is absolutely unbelievable that any of our representatives would not support infrastructure.

Arkansans must know that we have traitors in Congress.




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