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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Paying for invasion | Reading is essential | Climate emergency?

November 18, 2021 at 3:01 a.m.

Paying for invasion

The current administration wants to pay reparations to illegal invaders. I believe the only funds expended on these illegal aliens should be to send them home. The border should be secured now that it seems the Biden administration is "inviting" more illegals with reparation offers.

The suggested offer is multiples of the "reparations" paid to our service members' families who have lost a loved one in service to America. The federal government does not even provide adequate assistance to service members suffering from injuries, physical and/or mental, sustained in service to America.

And now we have a commander-in-chief who wants to pay illegal invaders? What a sad America this is!



Reading is essential

Philip Martin's opinion pieces are the reason I read.

I have read a daily newspaper since I could read. I very seldom watch TV news. I traveled the last nine years of my career, and experienced reading newspapers all over this USA and Canada. I cannot start my day without my newspaper.

If you don't read, and I mean anything, books, magazines, newspapers ... how do you really know what is happening in this world?


Little Rock

Climate emergency?

I believe the cargo ships anchored off California reveal the lie of climate emergency.

The supply chain and goods on those ships come mostly from China, whose energy production relies 50 percent-plus on coal. While the production and use of fossils fuels here is curtailed, it is actually encouraged in its dirtiest forms elsewhere. Our oil and gas industry will always be cleaner than Russia's and OPEC.

Wall Street invests in China. Why has it not invested in bringing the supply chain home? Why did China and Russia not attend the climate conference in Glasgow? In addition, to my understanding, solar panels and wind turbines are generally not manufactured in the U.S.

Why not take on the gorilla in the room as far as carbon emissions: China? I believe the answer is money and China's recent warlike expressions. Hard to believe the alarmist signals from John Kerry when the fastest way to reduce carbon emissions from coal is to fast from Chinese manufacturing. "Bring the supply chain home" is never part of the call from climate activists, nor is something simple, like planting trees to sequester carbon. How about forest management in California, global warming state?

The climate concern is a marathon. Those who want to remake the world in a sprint, I fear, have other motives. There's a lot of visible hypocrisy. Just follow the money. To win the climate marathon and improve quality of life in the U.S., hypocrisy needs to be weeded out.



May justice prevail

It is my hope that justice can be done in two highly publicized cases that both feature white men who felt perfectly entitled to shoot and kill under the "guise" of protecting their communities, one on the streets of Kenosha, Wis., and the other in Georgia. How frightening is it to have killers roaming our streets?

The judges and juries should send a loud message that this is criminal behavior and will never be tolerated on our public streets. Where did these guys get the idea that they are the law, the jury, and the legitimate executioner?




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