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Student services report presented to Pea Ridge School Board

by Marc Hayot | November 20, 2021 at 1:01 a.m.

PEA RIDGE -- Assistant superintendent Kevin Ramey presented the Pea Ridge School Board with the student services report Nov. 8 during the board meeting.

The monthly report focused on food service and a survey of the custodial and maintenance divisions, as well as touching on building maintenance.

Food Service

Ramey credited Food Services director Julie Ferguson with ensuring the division's needs are met.

"We're appreciative of the job Mrs. (Julie) Ferguson does overseeing not only our food service and the product that we provide to our students but the financial aspect of food service and keeping us in good standing," Ramey said.

A few challenges occurred during the month such as increased prices with shipping costs along with supply issues that the rest of the nation is seeing, Ramey said.

The district is still offering free meals until the end of the school year, but it is still paying attention to expenses and trying to do a good job fiscally, Ramey said.

Custodial/maintenance division survey

The Pea Ridge School District held a satisfaction survey regarding how well the custodial services and maintenance divisions are doing.

"We're wanting to make sure that we're providing the right kind of environment, one that's conducive to students and staff learning," Ramey said.

The district plans on doing this three times throughout the school year, Ramey said. According to the school services report dated Nov. 8, the daily cleanliness of classrooms and work areas had an overall rating of 2.84% out of 4%.

District employees are pleased overall with the cleanliness of their buildings, giving the custodial department a 4.1% rating out of 5%, the report states. Cleanliness of specific areas received a rating of 3.72% out of 5%, the report states.

Staff is satisfied overall with repairs performed in a timely manner, the report states. District employees gave the custodial department a 4.48% out of 5% regarding repairs, the report states.

Board vice president Jenny Wood asked if the survey was all related to custodial, and Ramey said it was.

The final portion of the report focused on roof projects, Ramey said. The district had some issues with leaky roofs at the intermediate, junior high and middle schools, Ramey said.

Steerman Roofing and Patching and Exterior Solutions Group (ESG) has been onsite to handle the issues, Ramey said.

"I think one leak at the Junior High we took from Point A and moved it to Point B so we've got to get it addressed again," Ramey said. "The hard part there is you don't know about it until it rains and you can't get up there and fix it while it rains so we have to wait for it to dry out, then address it."

Wood asked Ramey if the district was going to have the roof redone when students were off campus. Superintendent Keith Martin said they finished the Intermediate School roof project the previous month.

Martin said there was a 40-day time frame to have it completed. The junior high will take approximately 70 days to complete. Construction cannot be done while students are on campus, Martin said.

"It is impossible to have class when you are drilling into red iron in a building," Martin said. "That hammer drill, you will hear it in every classroom."

Presently Steerman Roofing is keeping the roof patched, but by next year the junior high school will have a new roof, Martin said.


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