Tools & Toys: Aromatique Candles and Sensate

Aromatique Candles and Sensate

Aromatique Candles

What's to love: The Arkansas company that makes boutique home fragrances has released two new scents that may be enjoyed with these fragrant candles: Smoked Vanilla & Santal and The Smell of Espresso.

What does it do: Founded in Heber Springs about 40 years ago, Aromatique is known for scents such as The Smell of Christmas and The Smell of Springs, but offers a variety of scent collections. The Smell of Espresso from the fall collection will wake you up with the smell of a fresh brewed cup of Espresso with notes of chocolate and vanilla. The hand-poured candles are available in several sizes including small glass votive candles for $7.50 and a large two-wick candle in a decorative metallic holder selling for $50. The other new scent: Smoked Vanilla & Santal is from the Western Collection and the fragrance notes, according to the company, are smokey vanilla, orange blossom, cream and oud wood. The candle comes in a clear wood grain textured glass container, wrapped with a vegan suede cord with metal bolo tie ends. The 13 ounce candle sells for $27. Visit aromatique.com for more information.


What's to love: A small device that may help relieve stress from planning for home repairs, the forthcoming holidays or just day to day life.

What does it do: According to the company, Sensate creates infrasonic sound waves to send resonant frequencies through the body. When placed on the chest it targets the nervous system, especially the vagus nerve, to aid in relaxation and improve resilience to stress. The device is used with the free Sensate app on a smartphone. The user can select a variety of timed sessions that coordinate relaxing music with the vibrations. Sensate sells for $249. To learn more about how it works visit getsensate.com.