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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Trash heap of history | Doesn't know horses | America was blessed

October 4, 2021 at 2:25 a.m.

Trash heap of history

When we accuse others of making excuses by blaming society for their troubles, we should ask ourselves if accusing others is not simply our own way of making excuses so we don't have to face the truth of social injustice.

Dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters, those conspiracy-riddled Dunning-Kruger darlings we all know and love so well, don't represent a large demographic, nationally speaking.

Sure, a lot of people voted for Trump, but most of those folks have moved on, politically speaking. Let's call Trump's presidency an anomaly, a last-ditch effort by an element in American culture that will eventually, probably, hopefully, be relegated to the trash heap of history. Fingers crossed.



Doesn't know horses

I agree with Homer Feltner's comment. I think the cartoon that John Deering posted proves that he knows nothing about horses or border agents. They were not whipping anyone. They were using the reins in order to control the horses.

I do know about horses. He obviously does not.


Little Rock

America was blessed

Still unsure if Greg Duggan, whose letter was printed last Sunday, is actually agreeing with all of the issues he discussed, or is this sarcasm? We truly hope and pray this is sarcasm, but if not, these are our views as a church who believes in the sanctity of life, all life, and we believe this country will only be saved if God does not turn his back on America.

As Christians, we look to God to lead us and protect us. We also use the brains and common sense given to us by God. But you do not have to be a Christian to be sickened by these comments concerning the methodical dismemberment of an unborn child, a human being who screams as he/she feels every cut, every tear as they are ripped apart. And for what purpose, because two people could not use any type of pregnancy prevention, because it is the woman's body and her right to decide she can murder the unborn child? Murdering an unborn child does not require labels (Catholic, Protestants, etc.); murder is murder.

I believe it is because God has kept his hand on this country, at least until now, because of his blessings on the people who worked so hard, that has made our country great. It would be a shame to not be grateful for being able to work and support yourself for the past 50 years. But "standing up to God," that is pure stupidity and also very dangerous. God has a much bigger hand and I for one will be ducking when he reaches out to slap those who continue to be stupid.

You can continue to applaud the Democrats' stupidity, but we will never stand with any government that wants to destroy this great nation our God has blessed.


Bald Knob

Get beyond politics

Some things should be above partisan politics or, at the very least, good for the country, and so our elected representative or senators should go along with it regardless of which party thought it up.

Even if you don't want to give all of the credit to the party in power, there are ways of positioning your support so that you give the media and the public the image of you doing something for the good of the country and projecting that you can be statesmanlike when the situation requires it.

Like many Americans, I'm tired of every little thing in the political arena being judged by how it will or will not make the other guy and his party look good or bad, and that being the only criteria that is being considered.


North Little Rock

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