OPINION | WALLY HALL: Oxford is great place for pregame

For those making their first trip to Oxford, Miss., for the Arkansas-Ole Miss football game expect to have fun.

Oxford is a great little city.

Try to get there early enough to walk around the town square. If you can get in Ajax Diner the food is great and there will be fans from both schools having some good-natured needling.

Of course, visiting The Grove is a must.

Across the street and down a little from the stadium you’ll find tens of thousands of fans from both schools. You will notice most have a red Solo Cup, that’s because alcoholic beverages are allowed but must be poured in a plastic cup.

Don’t be surprised if total strangers offer you something to eat or drink.

The Grove is where the quote, “We always win the party,’ originated. They take their drinking fairly seriously.

A few years ago one of the groundskeepers was mowing the football field when he noticed several dozen packages taped beneath the bleachers. The police were called and the ones with experience with bombs approached the brown paper bags with caution until they realized they were all alcohol in the student section.

They had been taped there the night before.

Lastly, if you have the time it is worth it to visit the William Faulkner home. It is a little history and a lot of entertainment.

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