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OPINION | WALLY HALL: Walker shouldn't be on the bottom of any list

by Wally Hall | October 6, 2021 at 2:34 a.m.

By now every member of the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame should have received the link to vote for the next class of inductees.

It is a great list of deserving people and only a handful will make it to the next induction.

That's the way voting for a Hall of Fame works. The good news is there is always next year.

Having been involved with the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame since 1988, there have been few mistakes. No need to mention them all, but one we have made every year for as long as can be remembered.

Keep in mind everyone on the list deserves to be on the list.

However, the one with one of the shortest biographies is as deserving as anyone who has ever been inducted.

The short bio is part of the problem, but it is not intentional, and he's also almost last on the list so voters have gone through 35-45 names before they comes to Jimmy Walker.

Here's what his official bio looks like on the ballot:

WALKER, JIMMY (DOB: Dec. 30th, 1957) – Football – Jimmy Walker played defensive tackle for the Razorbacks from 1975-78 and was selected to the 1970s All-Decade Team. He ranks tied for 4th on the Razorbacks' all-time career tackles for loss list with 37. He led the Razorbacks in tackles for loss during his final two seasons, compiling 15 in 1977 and 19 in 1978. His 19 tackles for loss in 1978 was a UA single-season record and still ranks tied for fourth on the program's single-season list. In 1978, Walker earned first-team All-America honors and was selected the most outstanding defensive player in the Fiesta Bowl. He also was a two-time All-SWC honoree.

If anyone read the last sentence, they would almost automatically vote for him.

Dan Hampton called him the single best football player he ever played beside.

Walker played seven years professionally, three in Canada and three with the USFL and his final season with the Minnesota Vikings.

He was the starting defensive tackle on the Razorback team that beat No. 2 Oklahoma 31-6 and for some reason, the names mostly remembered for that game are Roland Sales and Hampton.

Again, every name on the ballots for regulars and seniors is worthy.

This is not a campaign column for Walker, but pointing out he's worth consideration.

The complete list of nominees can be found at Also listed is how to join and how your voice can be heard with a vote.

    1. .

For several years, getting a 11 a.m. kickoff was considered a bad thing.

That's when the games went on the old Jefferson Pilot network that no one else wanted.

Now the Hogs will have their third game in a row at 11 a.m., when they face Auburn in Fayetteville.

However, last week's 11 a.m. game against Georgia was on ESPN as is this week's game with Ole Miss.

The Auburn game will either be on ESPN or CBS.

Getting up early on a Saturday may not be fun, but it isn't all bad when the exposure is close to nationwide.

The general theory is an 11 a.m. game gives the visiting team a slight advantage in that the crowd might not be as loud and rowdy at that time.

Obviously with "ESPN GameDay" in Athens, that went out the window. That crowd was obviously into the game.

Generally, Ole Miss fans aren't swayed much by an 11 a.m. kickoff. It just means an earlier cocktail time. They always win the party.

As for Arkansas hosting Auburn at 11 a.m., it shouldn't make a difference. It is homecoming and Razorback fans love that tradition. Not sure what ticket sales are, but rooms in the area are hard to find.

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