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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Thoughts at random | Presents a challenge | For protection of kids

October 8, 2021 at 2:50 a.m.

Thoughts at random

As a pipe smoker, I certainly thought I was doing my part when it comes to paying taxes. My tobacco, with Arkansas taxes, is more than $100 a pound. Many other states charge about $40. But in the "infrastructure bill," it will be upped 1,600 percent, according to the Tax Foundation. Obviously, I haven't been paying enough. I apologize.

My body, my choice also means no to vaccines and yes to illegal drugs.

Joe Biden is the first magician to hold the office of president. He's made the entire southern border of the United States disappear.

Perhaps if Little Rock had a different police chief the mayor wouldn't need a security detail.

The infrastructure bill will cost $3.5 trillion. Did you know it would take almost 80,000 years to count to 3.5 trillion?

When getting a driver's license renewal in the Natural State, there should be a few simple questions asked: How do you merge onto a highway? How do you proceed at a four-way stop? How do you navigate through a roundabout? And the million-dollar two-part question: What is a turn signal and how is it used?


North Little Rock

Presents a challenge

If the proposed redistricting map goes through for Pulaski County being cut into three districts, then it would seem to present a technical challenge for absentee ballots.

Pulaski County has 23 ZIP codes (not counting post offices), and Little Rock has 12 of those. The challenge would be for the county clerk's office to know what Little Rock household ZIP code falls into what congressional district when it needs to send out an absentee ballot.

But maybe that is the point all along for the Republican Party of Arkansas: Sow confusion and full speed ahead.


North Little Rock

For protection of kids

Why? If a school district does not have a mask mandate, why can't a parent of a child going to that school sue the district for abuse, neglect, negligence, or wrongful death if by chance the very worst happens? Do we not realize the danger we are putting those students in?

The Legislature would be better off mandating masks and vaccines for all eligible in schools and elsewhere. That is if we really are a pro-life state.


West Fork

On suspension, firing

I believe the suspensions of KATV anchor Chris May and meteorologist Barry Brandt and the firing of news director Nick Genty is simply wrong. They did no disservice to African Americans as this hairstyle does not belong to Black Americans anymore than does frizzy hair belong to Americans of the 1970s.

I think the action taken by Sinclair Broadcast Group and its apologist vice president John Seabers is the only repugnant gambit which Sinclair should regret.



Don't divide county

It looks like the Republican-led Legislature is headed toward gerrymandering four congressional districts without using a crazy-looking map. It's using the standard Republican tactic of divide and conquer.

Take the largest concentration of Democratic voters in the state and dilute them by putting hunks of them into three of the four districts.

Most other counties stay whole, each part of just one district. But not Pulaski; we would get three districts that, on the whole, will have little in common with a large urban area and its unique problems. The gall of such a blatant abuse of power is staggering.

As far as I can find in records, Pulaski County has never been split into two districts, let alone three.

We have four districts, just four. Not the several dozen of larger states, just four. The math to balance the vote count and keep counties whole for four districts is not rocket science, people.

If, as is claimed, Pulaski is being divvied up to balance the number of voters in each of the four districts, here's an idea I'm sure would be fine with most: Take a county or two out of the district containing Pulaski and give them to another district or two. This will give more voters to the other three districts, but that's OK. I'd much rather be in one district with fewer voters than the other three than have the biggest county diluted into three to balance the count. Keep Pulaski whole; it's an urban area and needs one representative to get urban issues worked out.


Little Rock

Was it not worthy?

The March for Reproductive Justice at the steps of our state Capitol last Saturday was an exciting and inspiring event, attended by more than 500 people, male and female, young and old, rich and poor. Speakers included a local rabbi, a prominent local obstetrician/gynecologist, and a state senator. They all spoke eloquently about the dangers facing our population if Arkansas passes regressive laws concerning women's bodies as those laws which have been passed in Texas.

I looked forward to seeing this event covered in Sunday's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, but alas, the only pictures from that day were a few from rallies in other cities, not the one here.

I would like to know why the paper chose not to cover this important event. The Razorback game, of course, got due regard as did the Food Truck Festival just a few blocks away. Is an event concerning a significant social issue not worthy of reportage?


Little Rock

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