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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: No real conversation | From lunatic asylum | On political warfare

October 10, 2021 at 2:02 a.m.

No real conversation

It seems Mike Masterson is quite content to preach to the choir about liberal "wokeness." Heaven forbid he actually encounter an intelligent "woke" liberal seeking to engage him in a real conversation on the issues. He'd no doubt avoid the confrontation at any cost and scurry back to his white male heterosexual enclave in Harrison.

It would seem that, for Mr. Masterson, ignorance is truly bliss. I feel sorry for him.



From lunatic asylum

The MAGA crowd in the Arkansas Legislature, aka the lunatic asylum, led in the Senate by Trent Garner, Kim Hammer and Blake Johnson, aided and abetted by a few other equally unhinged legislators--Bob Ballinger and the ever-present Jason Rapert--seems to be doing its dead-level best to discourage, if not frankly prevent, covid vaccinations.

Garner's bill would extend unemployment benefits to terminated employees who refuse vaccination, never mind that the state goes to great extremes to deny said benefits to the average terminated employee. Hammer's bill would authorize weekly antigen testing or serum antibody levels as alternatives to vaccination, both reasonably expensive and subject to significant errors. And finally, Johnson's bill would prohibit a business--any business--from "coercing" (a broad and pejorative term) someone to receive a covid vaccine, obviously designed to prevent termination. And these bills are coming from small-government laissez-faire Republicans!

My, how the political world has flip-flopped. Notwithstanding what happened in Georgia, perhaps we can take solace in the rejuvenated flagship football team, given that the lunatic asylum has taken over our health care.


El Dorado

On political warfare

Sadly, it seems our democracy is steadily being destroyed by elected mental misfits. By people who as toddlers failed to learn how to share their toys, and who reached adulthood without shedding their childish center-of-the-universe concept of self-importance.

As grown-ups, these people generally have low self-esteem, and an insatiable desire to call attention to themselves. And they will often behave dramatically or inappropriately just to be noticed.

Many of them quickly realize that they are well-suited to a career in politics, because their penchant for outlandish behavior attracts media attention and donor dollars like hounds to the hare.

Conversely, while normal people in civil societies readily agree on rules of conduct which serve the common good of their country and communities, these mental misfits cannot even agree that serving the common good is a worthwhile endeavor. In fact, they are only interested in imposing their beliefs on others, gaining notoriety, and securing their financial future.

How have we descended to the point where the United States, honest politicians, and unbiased judges have all now become oxymorons?

Much of the fault lies with the misuse of television to transform politics into just another form of wrestle-mania. But ultimately, the blame has to be ascribed to the millions of simple-minded voters who prefer showmanship to substance, and political warfare to public welfare.

How have we descended into a new Dark Age of intellectual suffocation, where party loyalty and inexperience are considered adequate qualifications for high elected office?

Next November, Arkansas voters will be asked if they have enough common sense to prevent Sarah or Leslie from applying the standard Republican fiscal wrecking ball to our state's sound financial structure.

Surely we do.


Hot Springs Village

Don't care about us

I think the board of governors of the Federal Reserve Bank are nothing but lackeys for Wall Street. The Fed acts as if it were a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, etc. Some of its governors have been exposed in a stock scheme that made them millions of dollars. The governors should have some kind of a blind trust. It seems the only thing the governors are blind to is corruption.

"The Fed," as it is known affectionately by CNBC, Fox Business, etc., continues to print trillions of dollars that are supposed to trickle down to us common folk and grow the economy. This money goes directly to Wall Street and there it stays. It is used to inflate stock prices and make billionaires out of a few people and heaven knows what else.

At a recent briefing a reporter asked Chairman Jerome Powell if there was a problem with corporate debt. His response was no. That is because the Fed printed trillions of dollars to pay off practically all the corporate debt in America. The Republicans are always touting the evils of socialism. Ever heard of corporate socialism?

The Fed is sticking it to us people in the middle and lower classes. I learned in Economics 101 at UCA that the more money you print, the less it's worth. Have you been to the grocery store lately? I can barely afford to buy a gallon of milk due to inflation. This is a hidden tax on us.

They look at their spreadsheets and think everything is going fine. They need to get out in the real world. God help us if the Fed's policies cause hyperinflation and the people look to some demagogue like Adolf Hitler or Donald Trump to get us out of the mess.


Little Rock

Principle of gratitude

Ms. Sarah Catherine Gutierrez wrote a great article recently in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and the principle of gratitude should be repeatedly lauded.

That word, gratitude, fits my life as taught to me by my wonderful mother as we toiled, hoeing and picking cotton on a dirt-poor sharecropper farm in the hot, muggy southeast Delta of Arkansas near Dumas.

Daily my mother taught me gratitude, for which I am grateful. Being grateful served me well as I grew in life and entered the United States Navy on active duty (retired from USN now) and was gratefully promoted to the top 1 percent in my occupation.

What are the chances of a person reaching so high an achievement in life, living happily with my beautiful, grateful wife of 60-plus years' marriage?

I believe that it is unfair to students if our schools do not teach the principle of gratitude to its students.


Hot Springs Village

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