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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Strengthen country | Weakens our nation | It's simple to prevent

October 11, 2021 at 2:00 a.m.

Strengthen country

We all know people who never seem to have enough, no matter how much they have. They may even have difficulty with sharing, a problem only an individual with motivation can solve, though a group may be able to help in support. But a society doesn't have to tolerate situations of unfair advantage, and shouldn't.

We know if we're well-off enough not to worry about food to eat, bills to pay, etc. Some of us can even buy a new motor vehicle whenever we want and take nice trips. There are those who have enough expendable income to hire people for the sole purpose of making us more money and, at once, keeping our debt including tax obligations as low as possible. As a result, some of us pay a lower percentage tax rate on the same amount of income as those without access to financial wizards. In fact, some pay much less tax on even more income, maybe much more income, than someone who can't take advantage of loopholes, etc., which are built into the current tax system. Corporations and other businesses may use these techniques as well.

This advantage is one aspect of our present social structure that the president has attempted to address in order to raise more revenue without raising the national debt. The caveat is, of course, to put the money to good use, and we may disagree on how to do that, but must we oppose this effort? Is there not some legitimate constructive opportunity here to strengthen our country and its people? What could this be worth in the long run? Think broadly and boldly, please.


Little Rock

Weakens our nation

Our nation is poised on a precipice of political disaster. The seeds of partisan hatred are incubating and may grow into a political death struggle in which democratic principles are abandoned in the attempt to vanquish the "enemy." Intense partisan animosity can lead to a distorted perception that the opposing party is an existential threat to our basic values and way of life. Beware of assuming that losing a democracy would be preferable to losing an election. Once a party's strongman has achieved autocratic power, fair elections will vanish and "we the voters" will be powerless. All rights, including those to bear arms and freedom of speech, will fall into perpetual jeopardy.

Adding fuel to the deep divisions are both media sources and most politicians. The media is driven by profit with little consideration for our country's well-being. Many cable news agitators enthusiastically cheerlead partisan animosity. Remember, their primary objective is fulfilling their lavishly lucrative contracts. If high ratings require disinformation and partisan outrage, guess what they will serve up?

Few politicians are championing the wisdom of unity and many are clueless carnival barkers for the cultural war. Those pushing partisan divisiveness try to activate our worst instincts rather than empowering and uniting us to solve real problems. Vilifying opponents and merely obstructing is lazy, impotent politics.

If we allow politicians to present an election as a battle between good and evil, "our righteous party" versus the "the evildoers," we are being seduced down a dark path. It is not the other party--we are all Americans--but the strategy of splitting our nation into tribes and pitting us against each other that is the true evil. Only politicians motivated primarily by the greed for power would employ such a pernicious strategy. Ultimately, the cost of partisan hatred is the weakening of our nation and the loss of our freedom.


Little Rock

It's simple to prevent

Look, nobody wants to bring an unwanted child into this world. Neither do reasonable people want to kill babies. The intelligent choice is as simple as ABC: Abstinence or Birth Control.

I know some people will talk about rapes and other "what ifs" but, honestly, I believe most unwanted pregnancy can be easily avoided.



We need new blood

It's past time for the current office holders to recognize the great contributions they have made over the decades and recognize their time has come, and that it is past time for the next generation of young leaders to emerge.

Kudos to all elected officers and officials from the local school boards all the way to the United States Senate and the House of Representatives. Thank you for your contributions. Now, more than ever, it is time for the new generation of leaders and their new ideas about solving the myriad of challenges and issues confronting our society and nation.

As plainly as I can say, the current governance is not succeeding and derisiveness is the order of the day. Old paradigms are not so much the real problem, but for the issuers of these unacceptable edicts. Imagine a well-respected group of new young Turks; it takes my breath away! Do it, do it now.


Little Rock

All about objectivity

Regarding Bradley Gitz's opinion piece titled "Objectivity? Ha!," I could only think of conservative news media (i.e., Fox News) as I read about his perception of the lack of journalistic integrity.

It seems his statement, "Because the truth no longer matters; only the narrative," is the maxim for the current Republican Party and the journalistic pot-stirring of the right.


Fort Smith

On troubling speech

While reading the paper, I saw this quote from one of our state representatives: "I love Black people just as much as I love white people," he said. "I will do anything I can to help them in any way possible."

Who is he referring to as "them": Black people or white people?

I don't know about anyone else, but this type of speech has no place in our House of Representatives. I believe they should be thinking of helping all citizens alike, and not just "them." My opinion.



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