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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Maybe he's confused | Where is unity now? | That unmasked kid

October 12, 2021 at 2:00 a.m.

Maybe he's confused

I listened to a news segment on KUAR regarding Senate Bill 731 that would prevent employers from requiring employees to disclose vaccination status. Sen. Bob Ballinger sponsored the bill (which has since failed to pass), and the news segment included a portion of Ballinger's impassioned screed in support of the bill. In one part of his speech before the Senate, he referred to a "God-given right to privacy."

I immediately thought of my years in Sunday School and church (Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights), my time in Girls in Action (GAs), years teaching Vacation Bible School and AWANA, and years participating in women's Bible studies. With my evangelical Christian background, I cannot recall ever learning about my God-given right to privacy.

Maybe he's confusing the Bible with the Constitution, which seems to be a common occurrence with our current Legislature.


Little Rock

Where is unity now?

While campaigning for president in 2020, Joe Biden on several occasions promised to bring unity to a nation badly divided during Donald Trump's time in office.

Yet it appears that Biden and his fellow Democrats quickly forgot this pledge to bring unity to a nation greatly divided by bitter acrimony as demonstrated by the fact that Biden and congressional Democrats have attempted to push through their massive $3.5 trillion "Build Back Better" spending bill.

The 2,465-page bill which promises to significantly expand America's social safety net is Joe Biden's chief legislative priority, and if passed will fund everything from expanded Medicare funding, free community college and the fight against climate change.

If passed, the act promises to be the largest entitlement and social welfare program since FDR's "New Deal" legislation during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

However, Biden and the Democrats' new legislation is highly partisan and transgresses Biden's pledge to bring unity to the United States since they plan to approve their "anti-­poverty, health-care and climate plan" without one single vote from the opposition since this massive legislation faces unanimous opposition from Republicans in Congress.

Biden and the Democrats are trying to force this highly partisan, enormously expensive, and pork-filled bill through the budget reconciliation process that avoids the filibuster in an attempt to pass this controversial legislation on a simple majority vote.

So much for the "unity" Joe Biden promised to bring to America. His "Build Back Better Act" seems like just another partisan Democratic power grab to me. Biden's call for unity is now a forgotten memory.


Little Rock

That unmasked kid

The parents that do not want their kids to wear masks--can I assume that applies to Halloween?


Hot Springs Village

In a different century

It was a mighty fine morning reading the Democrat-Gazette, but it appears your reporters took the wrong turn when they thought they were reporting on 21st century "debates."

Anybody could've made the same mistake, but what they clearly witnessed was the deliberate slicing up of communities of Black voters to weaken them, to keep them in their "God-given" place, and we fear the meeting those reporters saw was really, well, a different kind of white folks' gathering, something that takes you back to the 1950s.

Here's how it's obvious they took the wrong turn on the year, the planet and in the state of "I don't want to hear no more talking like that," by Big Daddy Senator Rapert.

To save words in this household, we don't call Rapert by his title. We've shortened it, made it entertaining; what's repeatable to friends. No offense meant in how chagrined we are about the fool from Bigelow. If he's offended, we don't want to hear it, 'cause none was meant. We love him just like we love normal people, so, if he dislikes the descriptors, it's just something he's gonna have to pray about.

And bless Sister Sen. Jane English, who came up with a Picasso look-alike the way she mangled those white picket fences, all disjointed, explaining to the free world as she admired her finely framed maps that "are basically simply done," so let's hang it on the wall and open our curtains to Blacks she loves so they might silently admire the state Senate's grand design from outside our state's welcoming window.

And finally to Rep. Jim Wooten of Beebe, we were so taken by your heartfelt love for Black people you'll do anything for, short of giving them their basic rights to vote for someone not a mirror image of you.



About life after birth

Some Voices writers, in referring to Gwen Ford Faulkenberry's op-ed, accused pro-lifers of not caring about the lives of the mother and the baby after its birth. These people simply must not know anything about the many wonderful pregnancy resource centers around the state that do that very thing. They serve as liaisons and assist the mom in finding resources and gaining access to various groups and facilities that will walk them through the birth and life of their child.

I have been known by different titles in my life and called by different names. Some were caring and encouraging; others, not so much. But if they want to call me pro-birth, that is perfectly fine with me. It is a much easier title to wear and defend than what they would have to be known as, which is pro-death!


Bald Knob

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