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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Insolent and ignorant | It's the real problem

October 22, 2021 at 2:50 a.m.

Insolent and ignorant

Sen. Tom Cotton and his idolized would-be autocrat remind many of us old veterans of the rooster that's sure the sun rises just to hear him crow. Both have made some ill-chosen remarks about China when we needed their cooperation. Their reaction was predictable. Quiet diplomacy might have gotten far better results.

Tom's recent diatribe against the IRS was equally ill-informed. Neil H. Buchanan wrote for Newsweek on Oct. 10, 2017, giving proof that Obama never weaponized the agency, nor did it target the Tea Party exclusively. Republicans did a Benghazi-type hearing on it until many folks believed them. Republicans did not expose the lie when it was proven so.

Tom's arrogant, insolent and ignorant remarks to Gen. Mark Milley revealed too well why Milley is an esteemed general and Tom remained only a self-aggrandizing captain. A buck sergeant would know Milley serves as adviser and doesn't expect the president to always agree. Had Milley resigned, it would have shown him as incompetent as Tom appears to be.

If Tom is the genius he'd have us believe, why didn't he warn the Pentagon that the Afghan army had already given up to the Taliban? Many of us old vets realized there was not the carnage that resistance would have brought months before Taliban takeover.

Senator Tom, why aren't you telling us why we couldn't force democracy and Christianity on a sovereign Muslim nation whose government for centuries has been that religion?



It's the real problem

The big news for this cycle is the ships waiting to unload their cargo in California, and to be shipped across the country. I believe a key point is yet to be made regarding this news bite.

Unless I missed something, the waiting ships are not the problem, nor are the employees unloading the ships. Nor are the lack of trucks and drivers delivering the products the problem. The problem is this: All of the containers have products made in China or another country. We as a nation are stuck with this problem because we import these goods that could be made here.

The Grinch may well steal Christmas because of unconscious decisions made by business as a collective group to not manufacture in the USA, but have products manufactured everywhere but here and import the products. It is not a new problem and will continue to exist as long as we buy the stuff.


Bella Vista

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