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Get to know: Arkansas punter commit Max Fletcher

by Richard Davenport | October 28, 2021 at 9:07 a.m.
Arkansas commitment Max Fletcher.

Punter Max Fletcher became Arkansas’ 19th commitment of the 2022 class on Monday.

His brother, Mason, is a freshman punter at Cincinnati, and his father, Dustin, played in 400 games for Essendon over a span of 23 years in the Australian Football League.

Nickname: Fletch

City: Melbourne, Australia

Coach Scott Fountain is: A family man. He is positive and a supportive person who only wants the best for you and the people around you.

Number of years playing football: 7

Favorite thing about being a punter: Just punting the ball is always fun trying new things and constantly improving

If I couldn't play football, I would want to star in: The NBA

Australian people are: Laid back, enthusiastic, friendly and fairly easy going. Australians have a different sense of humor.

What do you look forward to most about living in America? Exploring the natural environment in Arkansas. I’ve heard (about) many good things that surround Fayetteville.

I'm happiest when I’m: With my family or playing or watching any sport no matter what sport it is. I love to watch and even play when I have the chance with friends and family.

My mom is always on me to: Clean my room and to do the washing.

Favorite NFL player: Michael Dickson punter-wise, but other position is Deandre Hopkins.

Favorite music: Hip-Hop/Rap

Must-watch TV: Always sport, doesn’t matter what sport it is – NFL, NBA, golf.

How would you spend $1 million: Firstly spend it on my family if I had the chance to get that sort of money. I would help my parents out because they would be the people that have put me in that position. I would buy them a new house.

What superpower would you choose if given the option: Flying. I would love to travel the world, especially Europe.

My two pet peeves are: People that are late.

If you could meet a famous person, who would it be: LeBron James or Michael Jordan

My hidden talent is: I am pretty good at naming flags of countries around the world.

My favorite fast-food chain: McDonald's

I will never ever eat: Pickles

Favorite junk food: Ice cream

My favorite sweet-tooth craving is: Pancakes or waffles

Strangest thing I’ve eaten: Kangaroo

Dream date: Emma Mackey

I’m terrified of: Spiders and snakes. They're even worse in Australia.

Hobbies: Video games, outdoor sports

One thing I couldn’t do without: My phone

My role model and why: My dad. He has always been supportive of me and my brother. He is the person I looked up to the most. I'm very proud of his achievement playing 23 years in the Australian Football League.

Three words to describe me: Positive, funny, enthusiastic

People would be surprised that I’m: A quiet person but come out of my shell pretty easily.


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