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Finally, we got to have a party!

by Janet Carson October 30, 2021 at 4:48 p.m.

I have always enjoyed entertaining, whether it is having a friend over for a visit, a family meal, a small dinner party or a huge party, I get great joy from having people over. Covid made entertaining trickier. I had one or two people over occasionally, we sat at opposite ends of the table, but we made it work. Clay and I usually have a big Halloween party, a huge Christmas/holiday party and then a few smaller events thrown in throughout the year. The last big event I hosted was the holiday party in 2019! Almost two years ago!

Clay and I started discussing if we were going to do Halloween back in September. I decorated the house,

which makes me happy too,

but I wanted to wait and see how my first big group trip went before deciding on having a party. When I came back, we decided to have a party, but a small one. We ended up with 27 people (as opposed to 100!) Costumes are always encouraged,

but not mandatory. Some of our friends get into costumes even more than I do

—I know, hard to believe, but it is true.

Some are fuddy duddies, and never dress up-but that’s ok too. Few people enjoy a good party more than I do, but most people who came were excited to be able to be together as a group again.

We had some outstanding costumes. We give a prize for best costume and best scary appetizer.

Even some who didn’t dress up, made some incredibly unique appetizers.

After careful consideration, the award for best costume went to Brenda and Ron as scary scarecrows.

Susan won for her sick pumpkin dip.

We had great fun, eating and drinking,

visiting both inside

and outside around the fire pit.

I just love the gas fire pit—no more worry about setting the deck on fire.

It felt good to hear everyone having fun.

A house filled with laughter and love is my idea of success. Great friends and a great evening. I know some people don't like to go to parties, or be around a lot of people, but I get my energy from people, the more the merrier. I will also say that hosting a big party is a LOT easier now that I am retired. Now let’s hope things keep moving forward in a positive manner so I can have a bigger holiday party in December. Fingers crossed!


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