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Super Quiz: Madagascar

September 1, 2021 at 1:51 a.m.
  1. Madagascar is the world's second largest -------- country.

  2. This 2005 film stars Ben Stiller and Chris Rock.

  3. A native of the island is known by this name.

  4. The island gained independence from this country in 1960.

  5. The nearest mainland state is this country to the west.

  6. Madagascar ----------, known as "bois de rose," is prized for its red color.

  7. This primate is native only to the island of Madagascar.

  8. Madagascar supplies 80% of the world's natural ----------.

  9. Madagascar may be the origin of all of these color-changing lizards.


  1. Island

  2. "Madagascar"

  3. Malagasy

  4. France

  5. Mozambique

  6. Rosewood

  7. Lemur

  8. Vanilla

  9. Chameleons

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Madagascar


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