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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: A nurse's blessing | Loud and obnoxious

September 8, 2021 at 3:26 a.m.

A nurse's blessing

My prayer for you, my dear friend, is simply this: May you never be the voice on the phone I'm holding to their ear, saying one last goodbye over FaceTime. May it never be your young, healthy friend getting turned over, prone on a ventilator, in a desperate attempt to save their lungs.

May the silent tears we shed, as partners say "I love you" followed only by silence and the beeping of a ventilator; may those tears, hidden by masks and shields, be our last.

May the father who looked down at the floor shaking his head in regret yesterday never be the father of your daughter tomorrow. May your child never take a terrifying flight alone to Children's Hospital. May your pregnant wife never find herself on a heart-lung bypass machine. May your unborn child be delivered in perfect time, not early from a lack of oxygen.

May I never watch your maternal pleas to vaccinate on the local news as your teenager lies on a ventilator behind you. I pray it's not your doctor next time, describing the emotional task of intubating parents of preschoolers.

May I never again get called to your home to listen to your lungs as you struggle to breathe. And if I send you to the ER, I pray you won't lie on a bed in the hallway for days because there simply are no rooms.

May your kids not return to a maskless school with only their teacher a human vaccinated shield.

All of these prayers for you, dearest neighbor, dearest friend, were written on my heart because they're happening right now in Arkansas. It's been said you should let your heart be known; How can a tribe conspire for the dreamer if her deepest desires are held secret? Etched above is this nurse's sincere blessing for the whole of her community, for all to know. For when two pray together ...

So have the conversations. Do the research. Call your doctor. Visit with trusted elders. Read the fine print. Hash out pros and cons. Delve into statistics. Hear out your governor. Then make your informed decision. I will honor your informed decision.

But, Arkansas, make it quick. Because one thing we're out of is time.



Loud and obnoxious

It seems to me that we have a very serious problem these days with extremely loud, obnoxious vehicles. These folks take any kind of car, no matter the type or age of the vehicle, and make it sound like a dump truck. Or worse. Why? I suppose they think it makes them cool, but they couldn't be more wrong. It makes them rude and obnoxious.

I realize these folks are probably not reading letters to the editor, so if you know any of these offenders, would you please tell them they are not cool? And while you're at it, please contact local law enforcement and ask them to enforce the noise ordinances regarding loud vehicles. Maybe a few $500 fines will stop this noise pollution.

And don't get me started on some people's choice and the volume of their music. My favorites are Hank Williams Sr. and Jimmie Rodgers. OK if I start sharing that with everybody?


North Little Rock

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